Name: Kamiya Kaoru

Nicknames: Raccoon Girl

Age: 17

Weapons and Attacks: Bokken, Shinai, Kamiya Kasshin, Hadome, Hawatari, Hadachi

Love Interest: Kenshin

Closest Friends: Sano, Yahiko and Megumi

Enemies: Anyone who's Kenshin's enemy and Megumi

First appearance: Tokyo Arc

Biography: Kaoru's father Koshijiro was the founder of the Kamiya Kasshin Ryu, which is a katsujinken or defensive sword style. This means simply that it's a sword style designed to protect people rather than kill. Kaoru's father died fighting in the Seinan War. After he died, Kaoru ran the Kamiya Dojo and taught the Kamiya Kasshin in her father's stead. Six months later, someone started murdering people in town and claimed to be doing it with Kamiya Kasshin Ryu, thus tainting the sword art's name. Kaoru set out to stop the one who called himself Hitokiri Battousai, thus starting the adventure...

Personality Profile: Kaoru is a very sweet girl most of the time, patient with her students and a good sensei. However, as Kenshin, Sano and Yahiko quickly found out, it isn't a good idea to criticize her cooking, as one may find one's chopsticks shoved where the sun doesn't shine. She hates when Yahiko calls her an "ugly broad" and brains him with her bokken. Kaoru frequently gets jealous of Megumi when she pretends to hit on Kenshin. Megumi responds by calling her Raccoon Girl. She also beats up on Sano when he inevitably asks to borrow money from her. She beats Kenshin quite frequently too, sometimes quite undeservedly so.

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