#144 - Into the Nexus: “Zul’jin got an arm for Winter Veil”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

While not as grand as Kyle’s recent accomplishment I placed into Platinum!


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New Maraudin’ Muradin Skin

Haunted Mines



Developer Comments:  The addition of Ragnaros to the Nexus has once again unmistakably proven how painful it is to stand in fire. Lava Wave and Molten Core seem to be the leading power-houses of the newly released Raid Boss, so we are targeting the majority of the changes at them. We are also carefully monitoring his interaction with the Battlegrounds and are prepared to make adjustments as needed.


Developer Comments:  We feel we’ve slightly over-nerfed Artanis’ survivability for his added playmaking potential by being able to cast Phase Prism during Blade Dash. We don’t think he needs much, but this small change should make Artanis feel a little more like the bruiser that he is meant to be.



Developer Comments:  It's been nice to see the positive reactions to the Lord of Terror's recent changes. That said, the latest rework gave him some new survivability talents that are slightly over-performing. The new stacking Resistant system is making the interaction between Shadow Charge, Bulwark and Soul Shield a bit too strong, so we are making some adjustments to compensate.


Developer Comments:  We couldn't be happier with the state that Dehaka is in, but we have heard the feedback on Enhanced Agility. While we feel it is still a bit too early to make any large changes to the talent, we are happy to bring the numbers up in order to give him Mounted Move Speed when this is fully unlocked.


Zul’jin Coming Next
Reveal is happening on Facebook at 9:00 am


Mini News

Team League no longer requires you to be in range of one-another

Long queues for 2 man Team League

Team Liquid Leaves Heroes esports

Dreadnaught AMA

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I've heard you mention weekend warriors a few times on streams and it seems like maybe you avoid HL on weekends because of them. Would you mind explaining what a weekend warrior is? I'm trying to determine if weekends are just bad times to play ranked or what. My games always seem hit and miss no matter when I play.


I ended last season in Diamond 2, and was excited to try and make the push to Masters in season 3. However, I find that with my schedule, I'll only be able to play on weekends and one day a week if I'm lucky. With weekend HOTS being what it is, should I set my sights lower and be content with Unranked and QM until my schedule opens up? I love Hero League to death, but these weekend games are just awful.


Curious if you have been seeing a rise in people who are like "Our team must have X hero" pick them, but can't play them.  Seeing this often in Plat league, normally with Malf.  Really sucks to get people take a support and not heal.


Despite all of the great knowledge I’ve learned from your show and Kyle’s videos, I don’t seem to do well on most of the meta heroes, regardless of whatever the meta has been over the past several months (I feel like there’s always someone who’s better suited at playing them). My heart broke a little during your episode on the importance of mechanics, as HotS was my first MOBA when I started playing over a year ago and I’m not a skilled video gamer otherwise. I have a pretty expansive knowledge of how and why I should do what when and on what maps from the massive number of hours I’ve spent listening to podcasts and watching games, but I’m terrible at things like stutter stepping and most melee heroes. I’m trying to build my roster to feel confident in draft, but I seem to excel with niche pick heroes. For instance, my Amzodan in QM in the past 30 days (across 23 games) has a 74% win rate. My other top win rates are Nazeebo (73%), Jaina (71%), and Nova (66%). Aside from the Jaina and maybe Nazeebo right now, I know that I can’t go into a draft expecting to play many of my best heroes without backlash, or that they’re going to even be the right fit for most games, but I DO want to challenge myself in a competitive environment.

So I guess what I’m asking is: do you have any suggestions for trying to climb in HL with niche picks, and can I even expect to climb knowing I really do my best on ranged casters? Perhaps now that TL is available for 2s and 3s, should I focus my time there instead if I can find partners that fill out my shortcomings so that I don’t get stuck in draft with bad decisions?

(In past seasons, I’ve done well with Zarya, Xul and Brightwing and got lucky a couple times playing a very rusty Uther, but that was all quite a while ago. I’m not looking to climb to or past Diamond or anything but I would love to get out of Silver and solidly into Gold (which is where my smurf placed me when the new system came out). I guess thats another hurdle for me and my MMR; I learned to play my first MOBA ever on my main account and I’ve played every hero to at least 5 even if I’m terrible at them which put a damper on my MMR although I’m grateful of the working knowledge of their abilities.)

Anyhoo, thanks for everything! Happy Holidays :)



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