I love America notes

otes on race and class and an unmade project departing from that observation and self theorizing 2015-2016
aka "unstudied theories of nothing I know but things I think"

Overall: Documentary (or as Guy Maddin would say “Docu-fantasia” of artists, people, forces, involved in the scene right now. Any.

Mediums: Video, stop motion, mixed media (snap chats), found media - screenshots of things & people, stollen media to show document of now, images from other sources to put a “story” together - for example: walker & his dog whispering.

Documentary / anything goes: Even if I can’t “get them” to be a part, I will use them in some way. I will use screenshots & voiceover to show they were part of this online world of exploding things.

Kids as artists:
The kids are artists

Performance. Their talents I guess will be used to work but to me they are the most authentic artists right now.

They are performing.


Here and there.

Being away means I can reach out for it

Because I'm not exactly part of “the scene”

Fast Trend, Fast Dialogue, what it means:
What I want to do with this film is to document it.

You can see what’s cool, you can see who’s doing it. Immediately. The flock to then be involved in that is insane. What i want to do is document it. Save the photos, connect in small ways or just be a documentarian and save the photos and images and video.

Do a scene with them if I can but if I just have to document this & them, that’s okay too.

The people I connect with over the internet, over time, changes month to month. Document them immediately. Document the dialogue too. The thing that is tapping in at the time.

I see everyone flock to grab the next trend. I dont want to necessarily do that.


Cities have different creative personalities and forces

I want this project to include all of them that I pick up on and think are sweet, relevant in some way. Creative or odd personality folks.

It’s personally my way of getting to know a world I was never part of but see so strongly now, and also, because its a really creative world and web you can see and be part of and I want to make a project in it.

Online versus Offline:

Sometimes you don’t want to meet these people offline. I’m realizing. There’s this whole world and the personalities are different online and its kind of good. And sometimes you dont want to meet them off. Its true.

Community / “cool kids, friends, tags”

The excitement is around the community of people

The social networks, the people you “know” are doing the “cool” things.

The collection of instagram people online.

Comprehensive collection of ALL & EVERYONE:

I want this film to be a comprehensive collection of all and everyone making work under the same dialogue right now. Anyone. Everyone involved. That’s why it’s a documentary of now. I want no person not involved.

Segments / branches off

Fear of missing out / being part of the crew:

Save videos and links.

You can't go darting around everytime you see an event or thing to do.

Document it now


The New York kids:

Breathe it all up.

Believe they're on top.

Invite them to come over then eat it all up.

A straight white girl I can't compete

I'm raising a gag baby boy to get in the mix and going to pimp out my bi (but older) lover/partner.

Marie Antoinette / CLASS / “The Royal Class”

People in the ziet are interested in this movie now.
Its almost been uncovered, the privilege of the royalty. In europe its the literal royalty, in the US its the celebrity & wealthy.
White people here say they are related to charlemagne

But its almost been exposed what all the “privilege” is.

We are exposed to it now because of the internet. We are seeing what people are given that we are “simply not” because of the internet. So now this generation is embodying a glam. They are taking over the internet and saying “fuck you” and obsessed with not only obtaining but faking this glam and status. And obsessed with it.  

-Low class life

Understanding Marie Antoinette 

Decadence and the artists’ appropriation of it. Then appropriated by the “American royalty”

Marie Antoinette

“Is America the people or is America the rich”

Was France the people or was France the rich?

We glorify the wealthy and famous, put them upfront. doesn't that make them “America” the representation. Isn't that what shows the world what America is. Isn't that the standard we pay attention to? The shows we put on, the show of wealth.

Why the rich spend so much?

They are unhappy so they spend so much? Marie Antoinette. Arranged marriages. Sent away young, never to see her family again. I would relish too. “A prison in her new home & life she was sold to?” Married for privilege. Who really loves, who really lives?


Sex Work


Non-Binary: not assigning to gender. Qualities of all, most of all, self. 


Trans / Fem:

The Bitch

Gay/White Men: These gay men. These gay men acting on

Relationships: Partners, Fluid family units, open relationships, single



- Is the character I’ve created to do this. To take part in the dialogue along side the kids I’ll be documenting.