NAM travel and other reimbursable expenses- policies and guideline- 2017

The objective is to define and allow for reimbursement of reasonable costs incurred by NAM EXCO travellers for NAM business travel and other reimbursable expenses on a fair basis, proving the greatest possible flexibility. This policy is designed to rely on the goodwill and discretion of the EXCO members, while at the same time allowing the NAM to meet its stewardship obligations as a public society.

Key Principles

Airfares (all road-taxi/train and air transport)

Airfare, inclusive of actual amount paid for air ticket*, taxes, surcharges and travel agent’s fee, is reimbursable up to the term of financial support of max RM 3000 per conference trip twice a year. No other expenses/services charges in connection with the purchase of air ticket will be reimbursed.

Registration fee-  

Registration fee is reimbursable (Early bird rate) to the terms of financial support as described. If the registration fee is denominated in foreign currency, amounts incurred will be converted to Malaysian Ringgit (RM) using the bank exchange rates, unless the original money exchange receipt, credit card statement or bank draft advices is attached to claimant.


Accommodation will be reimbursed within the duration of the conference meeting only, up to RM 2000 per trip twice a year

Supporting accommodation documents are required.

Edited and discussed 8/7/2017SSF