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Halloween EditionHalloween - Free pictures on Pixabay

What Are Coffee County Middle School Students Doing For Halloween?

Popular 2017 Halloween Costumes

Top 5 Must Haves At A Halloween Party

Best Reccomended Haunted Places Around Manchester

The Science of Halloween Candy

Is Pumpkin Carving Worth It?

DIY Halloween Costumes

IT Movie Review

Top 5 Must Hear Halloween Stories

5  DIY Creative Halloween Costumes

Are Black Cats Really Cursed?

 Lady Raiders Taking The Road To Success

Clubs and Organizations

 Voting For Student Council


Tattoos That Monitor Your Health

Man Cave

Top 5 Mods To Put On A 6.7 Power Stroke


Latest News

Man shot in chest outside Tennessee State dorm

Hurricane Irma V.S Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Harvey


Technology, is it getting better for us or worse?

Textbooks or Chromebooks

Electric Flying Car

Instagram Hackers are Selling User Emails and Phone Numbers

Computer Replacement

Can a computer do better at the wheel?

Harmful Effects of Computers

How Close are We to An Actual Iron Man Suit?

Phone-Charging Atomic Alarm Clock


Giant Lego 3D Printed Go-Kart

Homecoming Game

Daily Life

3 foods to avoid in 2017

Divorced Parents

Things You Were Taught In School That Are Total Lies

Are standing desks the next big thing?

Everyday Life Hacks

World News

Korea Could Launch Another Missile This Weekend!


Latest News

Hurricane Harvey Heads to Texas

Are you safe at the county fair?

Rader Fest is coming soon!!!!

Coffee County Fair

Ohio Fair Gone Wrong

Ride malfunctions in Wilson county, Multiple people worried about the Coffee County Fair!

 Are Fairs A Danger To People’s Lives?

which is worse fairs, Or amusement park rides?



Fingers used as Phones?

Paralysis is now curable!


The Middle School Football Team Takes Another Loss

Coffee Pot Game 2017: The Real Rivalry

CCMS Favorite Sports

Is it sports or torture?

Should CCCHS Have Won the Coffee Pot?

First home game against Rhea County
Small Town Football Game

Daily Life

Which subject do the students prefer?

“How To Avoid Drama In Middle and High School”


Latest News

Eclipse Day

What NASA Plans To Do With The Eclipse

How August 21, 2017 Went

Terrorist Attack In Spain, One Officer Down

Deadly Inmate Escape


Curved monitor screens?

Everyone Gets A Laser Gun

Oreo Is With Android 8

CCMS Band and Chorus

Chorus or Band? - Which is Harder on the Students


Cheer Clinic


Top 5 Upcoming NBA Games

Jay Cutler To Become Dolphins New Quarterback

Is VR the next thing for injured footballers (Soccer Players)?

Eli Manning stats and Numbers

Daily Life

“The Daily Life As A Middle Schooler”

5 Facts To Help Pet Owners


Attack bots


 Call Of Duty WWII