Oftentime I sike for you;

when saturnine’s the hiemal gloom

you know so well that I loved you

from that first kiss on summer’s moon.

Levedy; I loved you well

My heart once sang for your delight

Blessèd, how it was, your spell

And heav’nly, how deep I fell.

Levedy, in light of morn

 in daybreak’s sweet post-reverie,

 Composing, did your hands remark:

‘How sweet it is, our melody!’

My Levedy, in dim of evening

When the stars dance in the sky

you know so well our love was just;

that it was gentle wind on rye.

My love, I loved and love so well

(I love so well and still yet more)

Your dimpled cheeks (you used to hide)

Your smile, your touch and still yet more.