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2014-05-16 Project Communications - Phase 2
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May 16th - 2014 Solarize Plano Project Phase 2!

We are very excited to announce a “Phase 2” extension of the 2014 Solarize Plano Project!

The contracting phase of the “Phase 1” project is now completing (May 15, 2014). In the coming weeks, participants that have decided to sign a contract with the selected company will be working with the company to coordinate installation scheduling. The first installations should begin in late June with all installations being completed this summer!

This new “Phase 2” will allow interested persons the opportunity to enroll in the project through July 15, 2014.  After enrollment, Phase 2 participants would then complete their “homework”, decide to proceed with Decision Point 2, and then finally Decision Point 3. The last day for Decision Point 3 for this “Phase 2” is currently planned to be the end of July. Participants that decide to sign a contract with the selected company by this date will have their systems installed beginning in September 2014.

The key steps for “Phase 2” participants are:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3: