1. Each team will consist of 3 players on the court (more can be on the roster). Games will be played 10 minute halves. Time does NOT stop, there will be one clock for all courts.
  2. Ball must be checked behind the 3pt line after each score, or foul. It is a live ball once it has been checked. If the ball is stolen or rebounded by the defense, the ball does not need to be checked, but the ball and a person must be outside of the 3pt line with both feet.
  3. Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who gets the ball to begin the game. The opposing team will get the ball to start the second half.
  4. On fouls occurring in the act of shooting, the team that is fouled gets a point and the ball. If the shot goes in, you get the points for the basket (no extras) and the opponents get the ball. In non-shooting foul, the team that was fouled receives the ball at the top of the key and checks it in.
  5. The scoring will be 2 points or 3 points. For men, they must be behind the men’s three point line.
  6. The offensive or defensive players involved in the play are responsible for calling fouls.
  7. There will only be 5 minutes in between games to warm up, so the next team should be ready to go.
  8. We will be playing half court for all games.
  9. No more than ONE Varsity and/or JV players may be on a team for the men. Women are allowed to have TWO varsity players on each team.
  10. You will be responsible for keeping your own score. Every time the ball is checked at the top of the key, you should call out the score. Scores need to be reported to the student director.
  11. You are able to start play with two players if need be.
  12. Playoffs will be a 2 minute overtime period, with the last minute being stopped time (if workers are available).