PURPOSE:  To enhance and expand learning by doing.  To build skills that will enable each student to gain a working knowledge of resources in the community.  To provide life lessons for successful citizenship.


Field trips or Experience Friday activities that have an academic/ community service purpose qualify for Lifelong Learning credit.

Experiences like attending a Timberwolves game, Twins game, or other non-academic experiences do not qualify for LLL credit unless the student proposes a separate project of academic merit.  Examples of this could be researching how umpires are trained, explaining how statistics are calculated in baseball, doing a biography of a player or team.

 Hiking, skiing, etc. should be logged as physical activity for PE credit unless separate approved research is completed.

Examples of approved projects may be a plant study, using a compass or GPS to draw coordinates, drawing a contour map, researching how ski resorts or bowling alleys are built/maintained, taking water or soil samples, etc.  Students are to maintain a Life Long Learning and Community Service Project in Project Foundry.


Guidelines for completing an effective Life Long Learning Reflection:

Completing a Life Long Learning Result Form will allow you to reflect on your experience and give you a chance to understand what you learned as well as determine what you will still like know know.  Reflection is an important skill for a 21st century learner.

·         Write a well written paragraph for each of the questions on the form.

·         Provide details and evidence of your learning experience in each paragraph


-Life Long Learning Reflections are mandatory for LLL credit if there are no other requirements from the trip leader.  Results are due no later than one week following the trip.