Paintings in Trees

An exhibition of paintings and sculptures in and for The People's Garden.

Bushwick, Brooklyn, 1237-1241 Broadway at Greene Avenue

May 30th - June 28th, 2015

Curated by: Ben La Rocco, Linnea Paskow, Ben Pritchard

Drop Off dates: May 24-26,  2-5 pm, 1237-1241 Broadway at Greene Avenue

Opening Reception May 30th, 3-7pm

Paintings in Trees is an exhibition of painting  and sculpture  meant  to bring Bushwick’s community into The People’s Garden and to bring attention to this jewel of a garden located in Bushwick right on Broadway.  Artwork will be hung and displayed in trees, on the exterior walls of adjoining buildings, on the grass and in other nooks and crannies around the garden. The work will be exposed to the elements for the duration of the exhibition. Proceeds from the sale of food and beverages at the reception will go directly to the garden. In the event of sales, participating artists are invited to donate a percentage of their choosing to the garden.

 El Estreno/Opening Reception es el 30 de mayo, 3-7pm

Paintings in Trees/Pinturas en los árboles es una exposición de pintura y escultura con la intención de atraer a la comunidad de Bushwick al Jardín de la Gente/The People’s Garden. Es necesario  llamar la atención a esta joya de jardín situado en Bushwick, en la calle Broadway. Las obras serán colgadas y se mostrarán en los árboles, en las paredes exteriores de los edificios que rodean el parque, en la hierba y en otros rincones del jardín. Las obras estarán expuestas a las condiciones meteorológicas durante la exposición. Este es un acto de amor dedicado al medio ambiente. Las ganancias procedentes de la venta de alimentos y bebidas en la recepción del evento serán utilizadas únicamente para la mejora del jardín. Los artistas participantes estarán invitados a donar un porcentaje de las ganancias de la venta de sus piezas al jardín.



Cassel (3 years old) meets Hector amidst a pile of bicycles at  the far corner of the garden.  Hector takes him on a tour of the garden, pointing out plastic bugs in trees, a hungry rooster,  bunches of cherries just out of reach, and some rusted Tonka trucks. In the pavillion, women  share knitting tips and study patterns as they take one day at a time.  The afternoon light filters through the bars of the iron fence, a tiny division between the the bustle of Broadway and the trees of The People’s Garden.  While my son plays, I rest on a plastic chair at the edge of a handmade stage and daydream about painting. I muse and remember how the artists I know arrange their  world as they wish it on a surface. I imagine many of these worlds existing in this space, all welcome, all part of trees, and paths and bushes.


-Linnea Paskow


Cassel in The People’s Garden


A painting in a tree is behaving a little badly. Paintings aren't meant to be seen in trees. The People's Garden is meant for everyone, just like a painting or a sculpture.

-Ben La Rocco


A Peter Acheson painting in the grass


Paintings in Trees, (or, is artwork a form of plumage?)

 At a certain point I was asked what my ideal viewing environment was, and  what popped out was: “a forest.” I feel like the work needs to stand up to the natural environment. During a particularly frozen winter two years ago I was grounded in the Metro Detroit area for a few extra days and I began to comb through the paintings I had left up in my folks’ attic. I often wonder what the hell I am doing with all of this stuff anyhow; so I decided to put them to the test.

 -Benjamin Pritchard  



Liv Aanrud

Peter Acheson

Paul d’Agostino

Sam Andoe

Liz Atzberger

Patrick Armstrong

Lisha Bai

Polina Barskaya

Hannah Barrett

Jason Robert Bell

Michel Bellici

James Biederman

Todd Bienvenu

Ewelina Bochenska

Katherine Bradford

Michel Brennan

Rick Briggs

Becky Brown

Yvonne Buchanan

Jim Butler

Sharon Butler

Nanette Carter

Jim Clark

Pier Consagra

Kevin Curran

Joy Curtis

Theresa Daddezio

Michael David

Carol Diamond

Danielle Dimston

DeShawn Dumas

Travis Fairclough

Adrian Frost

Marianne Gagnier

Sarah Gamble

Julien Gardiar

Ashley Garrett

James Gillispie

Rachael Gorchov

Ben Godward

 Dumitru Gorzo

Nora Griffin

Kelly Guenther

Art Guerra

Chris Harding

Catherine Haggarty

Kylie Heidenheimer

Eric Heist

Eric Holzman

Dana James

Elisa Jensen

Zachary Keeting

Barbara Kilpatrick

Lars Kremer

Branden Koch

Marni Kotak

Osamu Kobayashi

Janet Kurnatowski

Corina Larkin

Ben La Rocco

Andrew Lenaghan

Gili Levy

Greg Lindquist

James Lipovac

Rosie Lopeman

Jim Long

Mathew Mahler

Dennis Masbeck

Chris Martin

Shane Mcadams

Thomas Micchelli

Matt Miller

Nat Meade

JJ Manford

Jenny Lynn McNutt

Natalie Moore

Lara Mossler

Loren Munk

Keiko Narahashi

Garry Nichols

Fran O’neill

Rob de Oude  f

Mike Olin

Craig Olson

Linnea Paskow

Don Pablo Pedro

Michael Perrone

William Powhida

Ben Pritchard

James Prez

Dorene Quinn

Kazimira Rachfal

Leslie Roberts

Kara Rooney

Dave Schull

Karen Schwartz

Jean Shin

Natalie Simon

Kim Sloane

Elisa Soliven

Melissa Staiger

Kate Stewart

Danny Talpers

Dov Talpaz

Mike Taylor

Julie Torres

Rich Timperio

Kim Uchiyama

Melanie Vote

Chuck Webster

Scott Williams

Thornton Willis

Brian Wood

Chris Wynter

Laura Wynter

Kit White

Becky Yazdan

Andrew Zarou

Alice Zinnes