How To Take Proper Male Model Measurements

Getting Started

To get set up, grab a measuring tape and a friend. Record your measurements in swimwear or very fitted clothing. Measurements will be most accurate if taken standing straight up with arms relaxed to your side. When you measure, you want the tape to lay flat across your skin.


Waist: When most people think of waist, they think of the size of jeans or where their pants sit. For modeling measurements, you want to measure around the smallest part of your waist. For you, this might mean at your belly button or an inch or two above it. Just look in the mirror, see where your stomach goes in most, and measure there.

Inseam: Wearing only briefs, measure the inside of your leg from just below your crotch to your ankle.

Neck: Measure around your neck, starting about an inch above where your neck connects to your shoulders, right around the Adam’s apple. Rather than taking the tight-to-skin measurement, place an index finger inside the tape, loosening it slightly, and record that number.

Sleeve: For the sleeve measurement, start in the middle of your lower neck between your shoulders. With your hand placed on your hip, extend the tape over your shoulder and then over your elbow to your wrist.

Suit/Chest: Measure just under your armpits around the fullest part of your chest. If you’re under 6’1”/6’2”, add an “R” for “regular”—38R, for example. If you’re taller, add an “L” for “long”—40L, for example.


*If you are submitting for a jean designer, they may want to know your low waist size as well. For this measurement, let the measuring tape rest flat in the area just below your belly button and just above the start of your hipbones.*