Real Estate Valuation of Rooftop Solar status

Objective and Description: For  persons that have invested in PV solar installations on their homes (or those that are considering installations), identify and provide information to ensure that the added value to their property is understood and valued for any future sale.

Available Reference Information:

Status: (provided in reverse chronological order below)


03/14/15 - LH/BL

Check out this blog posting - Green Mortgage Appraisal Roundtable at the White House Conference Center from March of 2014. The author of the blog posting spoke on the advancements made in the appraisal industry to solve the green valuation issues.  The list included the development of green valuation courses, webinars, books, articles, and the Appraisal Institute Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum. 


01/15/15 - LH

The information below was added to our “Useful Links” page in the section “Home Values & Appraisal with PV Solar”

Dec 2014 - Sales and Value Recognition of Zero Energy Ready Homes - Webinar & presentation. Net Zero Energy properties have unique, high-performance features that should be prominently presented during the listing and sales process. However, these features also present challenges for appraisers and lenders: Lenders are challenged to find appraisers with competency and competent appraisers are challenged with limited Net Zero Energy sales data.  This webinar will reveal solutions on how to overcome these hurdles and how to market these homes to show their ability to save valuable time and money when these properties begin to populate our markets.


07/30/14 - LH

What is the comparison of home fireplaces vs solar PV?  Cost to install, clean, operate. How often used, how much time sitting idle? Cost to insure? Risks to home?  Should solar PV panels be replacing fireplaces in the future?