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Daily Video Diary Guidelines

  1. Show us what’s going on!

Take videos of your daily adventures. These videos should show the clinical, home, and  cultural experiences you are experiencing! *Let us know if you have any difficulty with your internet access  

  1. Send CFHI your videos!

We want to see and help you share your videos by posting them to our social media outlets, such as Instagram and Facebook. Send your videos to us via email or 


  1. Tag us!

If you post on any videos or photos on your social media accounts, be sure to tag us in your photos/videos!

  1. Write a description!

Write a short description of where you are and what you are working on along with emailing your videos. Make sure to mention what program you are participating in!

*Remember to look over your work and to present factual information!

  1. Be representative!

Be thoughtful and have fun with these videos! Try and give us a ‘Day in the life’ video.

Consider these questions: What was settling in like? How’s the food, what is your work is like, was it a stressful day? Are you acclimating nicely? How is this different from home? Etc. Just update and tell us about life in your program!

  1. Follow our Ethics Policy

Make sure to follow the CFHI Social Media Ethics Policy. Please take a quick moment to review the Ethics policy before you begin posting.

*By being a scholarship student you acknowledge that the Daily Video Diaries are a part of the scholarship. You should be taking videos at least 3 times a week and sending them via email at and or Also, after reading the Social Media Ethics Policy, you acknowledge that when you send us your media, we have the right to use and post the video to our social media accounts and other outlets.