Math 0990 Syllabus

Course Description

Math 0990 is a developmental mathematics course (3 semester-credit hours) designed to prepare students for Math 1010.

Prerequisite:  A minimum grade of C in Math 0950 or appropriate placement score.

Any student requiring accommodations or services due to a disability must contact Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) in room 181 of the Student Services Center, 801-626-6413. SSD can arrange to provide course materials, including this syllabus, in alternate formats if necessary.

Assessment and Placement policy

As a developmental math student, you will need to make continuous progress (defined as earning a minimum grade of “C” or better) until you have completed your required developmental courses.  If you do not pass this class, a registration hold will be placed that will prevent you from registering for any classes.  Please see the policy for details:

Course Materials and Textbook

As part of the online program MyMathLab (MML), you will have access to the course text e-book.  You may also buy a hard copy of the textbook if you wish:  Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, 4th Edition (ISBN 978-0-321-44233-8) by Lial, Hornsby & McGinnis.  You will learn the course material by completing all homework, quizzes, tests, and final exam through MML. You will also need a three-ring binder and the note-taking packet available in the bookstore.

Course Requirements and Grades

Plan to spend a minimum of 9-12 hours per week working on this course.


  1. Attendance:  4 class meetings per week
  2. Complete study guide notes for each section while reading the text and/or watching video lectures. Place notes in your notebook and bring to class each day.
  3. Complete the module homework problems earning at least a 70%.  Place your worked homework problems in your notebook.
  4. Take a module quiz or comprehensive test. Retake if you don’t earn the minimum score. Place your quiz or test scratch paper in your notebook.
  5. You must meet the calendar deadlines in order to remain in this section of the course.


Attend class 4 days per week and spend time in a Hub as necessary (Ogden Hub, Lampros Hall; Davis Hub, WSU Davis Center; Weber West Hub, WSU West Center).  Contact your instructor if you must miss a class period. NOTE: If you miss scheduled classes you may be in jeopardy being withdrawn from the inverted course.

You will create a notebook for the course that your instructor will check. Your instructor will tell you when and how your notebook will be checked. Notebooks should contain a section for each module that will include the following, in order:

  1. Completed notes pages for each HW section, which must be presented for each class meeting.
  2. All work from doing your homework problems
  3. The scratch paper you used as you took a module quiz or a test


You must complete each homework section with a 70% or better within three days of the due date before you can attempt the module quiz.  You may rework individual problems as necessary – only your best score is recorded.  

MODULE QUIZZES:  50 points

All quizzes may be taken anywhere you have access to the internet. To pass a quiz your score must be at least 80%.  You can retake the entire quiz to improve your score and only the best score is used for your grade.  Prior to a third attempt, you will need to work an additional homework assignment that is created from the concepts you missed. You can take the quiz again when you have scored at least 95% on the retake homework assignment. You are allowed unlimited attempts on each quiz, but make sure you study before each attempt because you must pass the quiz at 80% within three days of the due date. If you do not pass on time, you will be transferred to a regular TERM Math 990 section, and you may have to re-take all previously passed quizzes in the Hub.  All associated quizzes must be passed before you may take an exam.


You must score at least a 70% on tests and the final exam. You must retake the entire test or exam to improve your score and only the best score is used for your grade. Bring your picture ID to the Hub to take tests and the final exam. You are allowed two (2) attempts on each comprehensive test, or you will need to contact your instructor to request a third attempt. If you do not pass the test in three tries, you may continue with the course if you scored at least 60% on your third attempt. Failure to score at least 60% or not passing the exam within 5 days of the due date will result in being transferred to a regular TERM Math 990 section.  Attempts are not limited for the final exam.


If at any time you are placed back into the regular TERM Math 990 course, you may re-­‐enter your original section of the course if you have met all the requirements of the original section at the time you re-­‐enter.

GRADING SCALE  (For students who finish the final exam with a 70% or higher)

[93-100] A        [90-93) A-         [87-90) B+        [83-87) B         [80-83) B-        [75-80) C+         [70-75) C

If you do not pass the Final Exam with a score of 70% or higher by the end of the semester, your grade is assigned as follows:

If your behavior violates University rules, you will be subject to appropriate sanctions, including reduced grades for course assignments. A first-time violation of testing protocols will result in a 10% reduction in your overall grade. A second violation will result in course failure.



Headphones are available for checkout in the classrooms and the Hubs.  You may bring your own headphones to watch the video lectures.  Any standard headphone plug will work.  Earplugs may be purchased for $0.25 at either Hub.


Your Wildcat e-mail account is the official form of contact between you and your math instructor.  Please check your Wildcat account daily.


If you have trouble with your personal computer, run the browser check in MML and install any suggested updates. If you still have problems call:

         Weber State Help Desk (801-626-7777) or (800-848-7770, option 5, option 1)


Login at home: (Alternate login:

Use WSU username and password        

Click on Student  tab

In “My Courses” access your Math 0950, 0990, or 1010 course


All quizzes and tests must be started at least one hour before closing.

Hours for Ogden Campus, Lampros Hall

Davis Campus, Room D2 233

Monday - Thursday

7:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.


7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Hours for West Center

West Hub

Tuesday - Thursday

9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Note:  You must sign in and sign out of the Tracker any time you are in the Hub.  

If there is an occasion where we cannot continue to meet in class, such as natural disaster or other event, then course instruction will continue via the course website and communication with your instructor will be via WSU email.

Class and Hub Rules

Testing Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

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