Developer Pack:

    The Developer Pack is your basic essentials for creating new designs for :mused: MilkMade Breasts. The developer pack contains the BASIC templates needed as a guide in developing your OWN apparel and accessories.

Included in it is:

Making a shirt applier: 

To create an applier with your texture you will need to rez a copy of the applier that you got in the developer kit and open the script inside that is called _config_5d. To put your texture into it right click the texture and select “Copy Asset UUID” from the menu. And then paste that UUID into the section of the script that sets the shirt texture it will look something like this “6c0253e0-4d81-78d5-332d-a87a5641df51” and save the script.  

If you need to adjust how much of the texture is showing to get it to sit correctly on the shirt layer you can change the vector repeats and vector offsets. In the edit window you will see Repeats per face Horizontal (U) and Vertical (V) the same for texture offset. These are put into the script as a three number set the third will always be 0.000000 where the first is your horizontal or U and the second is your vertical or V.

For more details please see this blog post

Making a skin applier:

With the recent fix to how skin appliers work (in milkmade version 1.30) you will now need to set two textures one for the left breast and one for the right. This was done to allow for those who wished to have a different patterning or freckles or tattoos or something from one to the other rather than just mirroring one texture across both breasts.  Please make sure you have an updated skin applier from the latest developer pack.

The scripts are setup up in the same way as a shirt applier only you will have two configuration scripts rather than one.

Download the nipple and skin textures here :

The left breast is available for download you can flip it in your editing software to get the right breast texture. Or if you are working with a texture that is mirrored across you can use just the left breast texture, with one minor change to the script set up by making horizontal vector repeat a negative 1. This will flip the texture when its applied.

For more details please see this blog post. 


All API messages use RegionSayTo on channel -91872221 and as such only attachments will be able to receive api message from the wearer.

Breast fullness

(This reports every minute regardless of change, plan out your listen accordingly to prevent excessive script execution.)

Breast State Normal -    appearance,state,Normal

Breast State Full -    appearance,state,Full

Breast State Engorged -    appearance,state,Engorged


Start Pumping -    pumping,1

Stop Pumping -    pumping,0,droop

(After about five seconds the nipples, clothing & jewelry will return to original settings prior to pumping.)

Interactions Start

Hand Milking -             interaction,Hand Milker

Brest Feeding -     interaction,Breast feeding

Milk Hosed -             interaction,Milk streaming

Interaction Stop -     pumping,0,no_droop


(Only one clothing layer can be visible at a time, so one a new clothing layer is set the other layers will hide. All clothing layers will set the current visible nipple type to normal nipple with the exception of the smooth shirt which will not change the visible type.)

Hide All -     Hide All,Clothes


Shirt Show -    Show,Shirt,Show


Shirt Hide -     Hide,Shirt


Smooth Show -    Show,Shirt Smooth,Show


Smooth Hide -     Hide,Shirt Smooth


Tube Top -    Show,Tube Top,Show



Tube Top -    Hide,Tube Top


Peekaboo Show -    Show,Peekaboo,Show



Peekaboo Hide -    Hide,Peekaboo


Bikini Show -    Show,Bikini,Show



Bikini Hide -     Hide,Bikini


Tape Show -     Show,Tape,Show



Tape Hide -     Hide,Tape



(Only one nipple type will show at a time, so when a different nipple type is show the others will automatically hide.)

Hide All -    Hide All,Nipples

Nipple Show -     Show,Nipple,Show

Nipple Hide -     Hide,Nipple

Soft Show -     Show,Soft Nipple,Show

Soft Hide -     Hide,Soft Nipple

Teat Show -     Show,Teat Straight,Show

Teat Hide -     Hide,Teat Straight

Droop Show -     Show,Teat Droop,Show

Droop Hide -     Hide,Teat Droop


Hide All -     Hide All,Extras

Cow Spots Both Show -    Show,Cow Spots,Show

Cow Spots Right Show -     Show,Cow Spots,Show Right

Cow Spots Left Show -     Show,Cow Spots,Show Left

Cow Spots Any Hide -     Hide,Cow Spots

Toy Show -     Show,Toy,Show

Toy Hide -     Hide,Toy

Mony Show -     Show,Money,Show

Mony Hide -     Hide,Money


(Like the cow spots in the extras the Jewelry does not report when it only hides one of a set.)

Hide All -     Hide All,Jewelry

Barbells Both Show -    Show,Barbells,Show

Barbells Right Show -    Show,Barbells,Show Right

Barbells Left Show -    Show,Barbells,Show Left

Barbells Any Hide -    Hide,Barbells

Rings Both Show -     Show,Rings,Show

Rings Right Show -     Show,Rings,Show Right

Rings Left Show -     Show,Rings,Show Left

Rings Any Hide -     Hide,Rings

Locks Both Show -     Show,Locks,Show

Locks Right Show -     Show,Locks,Show Right

Locks Left Show -     Show,Locks,Show Left

Locks Any Hide -     Hide,Locks


Entering engorgement penalization - appearance,state,Engorged Penalization