Blaschke Sheldon Elementary Tablet Contract


Dear parents/guardians and students,

This year every classroom will have tablets that will be issued to all students for classroom use only.   These devices DO NOT leave the classroom.  Students with INTERNET access at home will be able to login to any of the websites utilized in class for textbooks, practice, and/or help.  However, the apps we use in class are android based so they cannot be downloaded on a regular computer.

As a reminder, please remember that all parents and students were required to sign an Ingleside Independent School District (IISD) Internet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) at the beginning of the year. You can access this policy on the District's website to see the guidelines for students to follow when using these tablets and having access to the INTERNET while in school.

Here are some important points from the AUP to think back on:

1. Forbidden Uses:

2. Internet use is a privilege.  Inappropriate use will result in a loss of network privileges, disciplinary action, and/or referral to legal authorities.

3. Authorized district employees will determine what constitutes a violation of policy and have the right to intercept or read a user’s email, review any material and to edit or remove any material which they believe may be unlawful, obscene, defamatory, abusive or otherwise objectionable.

4. Nothing is private on the network. The District reserves the right to monitor any and all user actions. This is done to ensure a good learning environment is maintained, to make sure proper functionality of the network is guaranteed, and to ensure student safety. A user has no expectation of privacy of his or her communications or any use made of the Internet.

5. Network Etiquette: Be polite. Do not be abusive in your messages to others. Do not use language inappropriate in a school setting.

6. Security is a high priority on computer networks. If a security problem is identified, the user must notify the system administrator immediately.

7. Disclaimer: The District makes no guarantee of the completeness or accuracy of any information provided on the network. It makes no promise or warranty to maintain or update its network or the information contained or made available to the public, its employees and students. The District may suspend or discontinue these services at any time. The user assumes the risk of verifying any materials used or relied on.

8. Ingleside Independent School District’s Guidelines for Access and/or Accounts

All users must read and agree to follow all guidelines outlined in the AUP.

Students are expected to do their very best to maintain the equipment in good working condition.  A class set of tablets will be used in every class period.  Each student will be issued one device to use during his/her class period. A routine will be established for checking out and returning the tablet. The tablet is to stay on top of the desk unless otherwise directed by the teacher.  No horseplay will be permitted.  Students should bring a pair of earphones to use with the device. (Students will not share their earphones with others.  Students will not play the device at a high volume.)

“The user’s responsibilities require responsible, decent, ethical, polite, efficient, and legal use of network resources.” –AUP

Please detach the bottom portion and have your child return it to his/her homeroom teacher.

My child ___________________________ and I have review the important points of the Acceptable

Use Policy and may access the full policy on the IISD website.  My child will abide by the procedures and routines set by the District for using this tablet.

We understand that monetary compensation and/or disciplinary actions may be incurred to us if my child chooses to purposefully misuse the technology and equipment.

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Date_______________________________Homeroom Teacher______________________________________