The counseling office is starting a peer mentor program for new students.  When a new student enrolls, counselors will pair them up with an "expert" student in their grade so they can shadow them for a day.  This will allow the new student to learn their way around, be introduced to teachers/students, and learn about our school culture/rules from a peer.  This orientation will only last for a day and then the new student will start their own, different schedule the following day.  During the rest of the semester, the peer mentor will check in weekly with their new student/s at breakfast to see how they are doing, if they need any help, or if they have any questions.  There is an application and training process for students to be peer mentors.  In addition, we will have quarterly meetings with our peer mentor group to give them training updates and to discuss how their new students are doing.


Below are some documents for this program:

1.  The application to be a peer mentor

2.  An example of the agenda for a peer mentor training meeting

3.  The rules/procedures that our peer mentors follow while they are giving a new student tour- a copy of this list will be given to the peer mentor each time they give a tour and the counselor will sign/date it so it also acts as a pass for that day.




·         Take the new student with you to all your classes and lunch (make sure the student eats lunch!), the new student MUST stay with you all day.

·         Introduce the new student to each one of your teachers and explain that you are giving a 1 day Orientation  Tour and that this will probably not be the new student’s permanent schedule.

·         If possible, take the new student to the security office to get an ID.

·         Tell the new student about school rules/consequences and dress code.

·         Tell the new student about our antibullying rules and show them the APs office where they can fill out an Incident Report for help with bullies.

·         If there is a problem, bring the new student back to the counseling office.

·         At the dismissal bell, help the new student get on the bus or out the door to walk home/pickup.

·         Remind your new student to come to the counseling office tomorrow after breakfast to get their schedule.

·         Check in with your new student once a week at breakfast to see if they have any questions or need any help with anything.






Warm-up: Everyone states their name and something fun they are doing/have done this summer.


Discuss your tour guide experiences with checking in weekly with your new student:

·         About how many students did you check in with per week?

·         Where did you check in with them?

·         What did you talk to the student about when you checked in?


Walk with group of peer mentors around school building to model (counselor) a new student tour.  Then, walk the building again, this time having each mentor give a few minutes of the tour so everyone can watch and practice.


Pass out program evaluations and review the instructions.   Students complete and turn in.


Hand out desserts and celebrate!























Peer Mentor/Tour Guide Description:  When a new student enrolls, counselors will pair them with an “expert” student in their grade so the new student can shadow the “expert” student for a day. This will allow the new student to learn their way around, be introduced to teachers and students, and learn about our school culture and rules from a peer. This orientation will only last for a day and then the new student will start their own schedule the following day.   The expert student will them check in with their new student once per week at breakfast.  This application is for student that wishes to serve as an “expert” student.


What to do: In order to be considered for a mentor position, you must complete this application. Turn in application with parent signature along with your choice sheet for registration.

What to consider: The approval of your application will not be final until your discipline record, grades, and attendance are reviewed. You should strongly consider your commitment for having a “job” within our school other than your school work and the responsibilities that go along with that. You will be expected to fulfill all of the mentor duties and maintain good grades/discipline record for the entire time that you are a peer mentor.

 Student, please complete the following:

Name________________________________  ID#_________________________

 1.What language(s) do you speak? ______________________________________

 2.How do you feel about meeting and talking to new students? ________________


 3.How many discipline referrals have you received this school year? __________

 4.How many absences have you had this school year? _______________________

 5.Have you failed any classes this school year? ____________________________

 6.Please write a paragraph about why you would be a great peer mentor/tour guide.










Parent Signature: _________________________________________________

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