Montana ACTE Business Meeting Minutes

(Montana Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Educators)

October 18th 2013

Gran Tree Inn; Bozeman MT

Past President Becky Bruce called the meeting to order.

Lindy Hockenberry moved to approve the minutes and Amy Walker seconded it

Becky Bruce discussed how we are going to put all of our business meeting papers in drop box to keep better track.

Cynthia Barnes presented the treasurers report.  There was on overdraft fee and Cynthia Barnes put $30.00 in the account to cover the fee.   Checking account balance is 1,132.85 and the money market account contains a total of $6,762.08.  We are maintaining our budget.  Marjorie Chinadle moved to approve treasurers’ report and Megan Vincent  seconded the motion.

Becky Bruce talked about a webpage design for MAFCS.  Looking for someone to design a webpage for MAFCS.  Lindy Hockenberry suggested that we use a Weebly page that is connected to the MAFCS page.  Jenny Zimmerman from Red Lodge volunteered to create a Weebly or  Wordpress.

First year FCS students introduced themselves.  Nine students attended MACTE for the first time. All students will be teaching in

New FCS teachers were introduced.  

Becky Bruce talked about the Century Link grant.  The grant is due January 10th, 2014.  Margie applied for the grant and used the money for an embroidery machine and sewing machines and the machine and training was covered completely by the grant.  Margie has sat on the board for the grant and has seen many uses for the grant money.  There is now a limit of $5,000.00 but it is possible to supplement by asking donors match donations.  Margie wrote another grant for scales and more technical baking equipment than she had at the time.  Think outside of the box and go for it.  Century Link grant is available any CTE program as well as K-12  schools.  There are a few spots on the grant that are set aside specifically for CTE programs.  They ask that next year at the conference in Missoula, you discuss how you used the grant money.  Go onto the Montana ACTE website and the link to find the grant is on the webpage.  They also like that you provide a lesson plan.

Becky Bruce reported that our conference bills were not high as much of our conference was based on common core.  We have many experts that are in the area.  MACTE only had to provide a few gifts, a room, and some food.  Cynthia said that we spent about 500.00 dollars.  Priscilla Hedgecock motioned to pay Laurie Stelter seconded it.

Cathe Felz moved that we provide the funds for our President Elect to attend national ACTE.  Cindy Bergum seconded that .  Discussion: Becky Bruce said that in the past we have reimbursed actual expenses up to $750.00.   1st weekend in December.  Next year it will be in Nashville.  Becky Bruce reported that she and Lindy attended the conference and it was fabulous.

Election of Officers:  Joanna Krogstad is on the ballot for President Elect.  Secretary is Jocelyn Sumner and serves a two year term.  Cynthia Barnes is currently treasurer.  Marjorie Chinadle volunteered to be treasurer for the 2015 MAFCS  Nicole Wanago moved that we accept the slate of officers.  Priscilla Hedgecock seconds it.  The motion passed.

Awards:  We have two awards  that are presented every year. Teacher of the Year: Karen Durbin  

New Teacher of the Year:  Jocelyn Sumner

Lindy Hockenberry presented a thank you gift to current President Becky Bruce.  Becky Bruce presented thank you gift to Karen Boardman for being the Past President and all her work.

OPI Update: Megan Vincent discussed how important it is to be a part of our professional organizations.  Use Perkins funds for dues.    State CTE funds numbers will be out this Monday.  Review your schools’ allocations before  October 21st and check numbers to make sure they are similar to last year.   There is a new  deadline for Perkins funding and December 31st is the due date which is a change from last year.  This is to hopefully prevent money from being spent last minute as the funds are supposed to be spent for the current year.  Megan asked members to please read e-mail she sends.  If you are retiring please let Megan know so that she has an idea of how many positions are open or will be opening soon.  Nicole Wanago is our new MT FCCLA coordinator.  Megan’s duties will be changing to be more focused on FCS.  Call Megan, e-mail her with questions and provide feedback.  Nicole is a contracted individual.  This means she is not available for everything all the time but is contracted out by several other organizations.  Calling themselves the state leadership team.  Connie Dempster is now the official bookkeeper for one year.  All questions besides financial related questions should now be directed to Nicole.  Big Sky Pathways is at a standstill.  They are now being led by the postsecondary institutions.  Stay tuned for information.  Existing pathways are still fine at this point in time. Pathways should be reviewed once every five years.   If you have not heard from a postsecondary partner or Megan, you are fine.  Bethany Ringer and Penny Wiley are in charge of organizing AAFCS April 9th-11th.  It will be held in Big Sky at Bucks T 4.  If you have ideas for guest speakers etc. contact Bethany Ringer.

Becky Bruce adjourned the meeting.