I would like your approval to attend the OneTeamGov Global event in Victoria, British Columbia,  Canada on the 21st of May 2019.  This international government event is bringing together 500 of the most inspiring public sector reformers from across the world to share experiences and good practice, inspiration and innovation; practical ideas to improve public ,,,,services in their country.

One Team Government is a community of reformers working to improve public services and reform the way the public sector works. It focuses on radical reform through practical action, working across professions, departments, sectors and borders. It is a movement of global public servants that seeks opportunities to find common ground with other nations. It will inspire, teach, and give practical help about reform to everyone who attends.

No other event brings together such a wide range of public sector reformers in a professional network, connecting visible leaders and role models. It will be hugely varied in the topics covered; from policy innovation, technology and service delivery, to leadership and ways of working, with a cross-sector perspective.

While attending, I’ll have the opportunity to meet and network with peers who are focused on the same challenges as me. There will be thousands of conversations, new connections and relationships. It is a brilliant opportunity to learn from others, share what we’ve done in [YOUR COUNTRY] and make connections on a global platform. In addition, I will gain access in perpetuity to the One Team Government original writing and emerging thinking about public sector reform globally.

Between the content presented in the 25+ sessions, I plan to continue to strengthen my skills in [X], [Y] and [Z], and walk away having learned:

  • Goal 1:
  • Goal 2:
  • Goal 3:

I’m confident that I’ll be able to build a packed agenda full of sessions relevant to what I’m working on - providing the inspiration, education, and connections needed to continue being successful in my job. My attendance at the event will directly influence the quality of my work on [PROJECT NAME].

When I get back from the OneTeamGov Global event, I’m happy to share takeaways with the team, including those that we can implement immediately and outlines on how we’ll make that happen.

I’ve broken down the approximate cost of my attendance:

  • Event Registration: FREE
  • Airfare/Travel: [$ IF APPLICABLE]
  • Hotel: [$ IF APPLICABLE]

I have highlighted the main objectives and benefits on the attached page. You can also learn more about the first OneTeamGov Global event (July 16, 2018) at

Thank you for taking the time to review this request. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


OneTeamGov Global

 May 21,  2019, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

OneTeamGov is a global public sector reform movement that aims to improve public service and ways of working by breaking the boundaries between people. It works to unite digital, operational, policy and other teams to make government more iterative, agile and adaptive to change. It operates across grades, departments and sectors as well as personal,  cultural and geographic borders.



Join the One Team Government global movement

Create and build relationships with a global network of passionate public sector reformers.

Support positive change by enabling good ideas to flow across jurisdictional and international boundaries.

Join a global community of people to build new personal networks as part of the OneTeamGov alumni.

Share ideas, learning and best practices

Learn from leading examples of public service transformation. Build collective intelligence through a fresh exchange of ideas.

Create opportunities for innovation by adopting new ways of working and breaking down barriers.

Encourage a “think globally, act locally” attitude to prevent duplication, making full use of technology and data, and being open to new, smarter ways of working.

Contribute your expertise and gain access to peer feedback

Share and gain insights from around the world on the challenges and opportunities faced in the public sector.

Demonstrate the passion and expertise of people in your country doing good work in the public sector.

Get feedback and diverse input into challenges you’re facing.

Encourage cross-government collaboration

Build meaningful connections on a global scale. Identify opportunities to solve common problems more efficiently and effectively, utilising collective learning.

Connect and get support from the people behind the most innovative ideas and solutions in government everywhere.

Take OneTeamGov back home

Build your own toolkit for running and developing OneTeamGov or similar networks in your own country, including presentation materials and case studies to take back and show what others are doing.