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The Vision...The Journey...The Future
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                                      THE JOURNEY....

                                                   THE FUTURE....


Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church

Our Primary Commitments

  • Are we going to commit ourselves to worship as the central act of the church, attending as regularly as possible and providing the resources needed to provide joyful, uplifting, and meaningful services?

  • Are we going to commit to reaching out to our community and, if we do so successfully, becoming a church with a strong African American heritage but modernly multi-cultural?

  • Are we going to commit ourselves to do mission and service projects as a first priority and routine church business (more institutional items) second?

  • Are we going to commit to having a basic Christian Education program for our children (support for regular Sunday morning classes and a Nursery)?

Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church

Our Preamble

A special task force for strategic planning was established by Session to study the present and future challenges of our Church and how we can best respond to  God’s call and great commission to love and serve others in the years ahead.  Over many months, much powerful study was done and various meetings and forums were held with the entire congregation.  We feel that “our plan” has to be “God’s plan” for Fifteenth Street as best we can prayerfully determine.  Who we are as a Church is determined and driven by Christ’s presence among us as we seek Him “in community.”

We believe that outreach to our surrounding community and mission – service to those most in need – comes before the conventional business of the Church.  In following Him, we have developed four major strategic objectives along with two administrative objectives.  We see our main challenges in the year ahead as:

  • deciding on our primary missions (how best to serve Christ in this time and place);

  • being open and inclusive to our rapidly changing community in a radical welcoming way;

  • fostering participation of the entire congregation in worship and service;

  • emphasizing the joy of discipleship and fellowship; and

  • uniting around a limited number of initiatives for each objective which reflect our gifts and size.

Following a time of congregational prayer, we see the next several years as a transformational period for our Church.  A time not only of hard work and concerted effort, but a time of joyful openness to God’s guiding spirit and creativity reshaping our lives in His image and for His passion.

We realize that strategic planning is a process which intends to combine spirituality and pragmatism – like the Holy Scriptures – on which it is grounded.  It calls for the growth of the church and community not only in numbers but in spirit, imagination, and strength.  There is no neutral space – every space must be transformed and renewed to achieve growth.

Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to bring people together for worship, social action, and spiritual growth.  We celebrate God’s presence in everyday life and inclusive love for all humanity.

Our mission is to be disciples of Jesus Christ, responding to God’s unique call at this time and place, and in worship, love and service.  In word and deed, we seek to be a community of acceptance and faith showing forth God’s great compassion to others in need.

Our strategic themes center on:

  • transformation
  • renewal
  • growth

Our core biblical scriptures to guide us along our new journey are:

  • Romans 12: 1-21 (Be transformed by the renewing of your mind))

  • Luke 10: 29-37 (Who is my neighbor?)

  • Matthew 25:31-46 (Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and did for me)

  • Micah 6:8 (And what does the Lord require of you?)

  • Acts 2:42-47 (And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved)

Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church

Our Strategic Goals

1.        Engaging in Joyful Meaningful Worship – with diverse elements appealing to present members and visitors; bringing people together, encouraging participation; worship that reveals and renews faith.

2.        Actively Reaching Out to Communities – in a radically welcoming manner; including all; reflecting our changing neighborhood.

3.        Becoming Mission Centered – being Christ for others and demonstrating the love of Christ with several unifying ministries in our community and around the world; reaching out to include others in acts of kindness, justice, and healing.

4.        Caring for Children, and Providing Spiritual Growth and Nurture – providing Christian Education and nurture for children and opportunities for all to grow into God, as we grow together in spirit.

There are two other administrative planning mission objectives which involve internal church care:

5.        Being Good Stewards of our Structural and Financial Assets – upkeeping our buildings and ensuring future financial stability.

6.        Becoming Organizationally Efficient – evaluating our governing boards and committees so that we are spending our time and energy focused on Christ’s mission in the most efficient ways possible.  These secondary strategic mission objectives are important to our future and will also be addressed with initiatives and projects.

The “F” Word (FEAR)

But I come here to feel good and safe.  Is that so wrong?

The fear of losing our comfort zone

I hope they don’t expect us to change our liturgy.

The fear of losing a venerable tradition

It’s not a judgment – they’re just not like us.

The fear of losing a community’s cultural, social identity

But shouldn’t we study it a little more?  We’ve never done this before.

The fear of looking or being judged ignorant, unprepared or otherwise less than “together”

What if we mess it up?

The fear of failing and being judged

We’ve tried this before.  These things never work.

The fear of raising hope and then being disappointed

What will our neighbors and ministry partners think if we do this?

The fear of incurring a backlash

What if we lost the Rogers family and their pledge?

The fear of scarcity

If we do this, won’t some people leave?

The fear of disappearing

I find their music loud and theologically simple.  Let’s not dumb things down.

The fear of foreign cultures

I’d like to see them in leadership, but can we really trust them to do it right?  Will they try to take over our church?

The fear of letting go of control

Wouldn’t they be more comfortable with their own people?

The fear of facing our own prejudice




Brown Bag Lunch Program requests your participation thru the donation of time (making sandwiches for homeless persons monthly) and/or a monthly contribution of $1, $5, or $10.

Garden Ministry
 - Working with the church/community garden growing vegetables for area meal programs for those in need. Can you help us grow some starter plants? Please stop by after worship in the back of the church and pick up a cup with a seedling; take it home with instructions, and bring it back to worship in a couple of weeks for planting. Thank you.  

 Zambia Water Project - A new initiative of building a clean safe water project for rural Zambians. We need your help.  

Anti-Gun Violence Ministry Team - Can you help organize our T-shirt display this year and work on educational and advocacy events to prevent hand gun violence?

Clothing Ministry - Sponsors several major clothes drives annually and a "Community Shop" providing a free shopping experience and lunch for families in need.

Contact if you can help.