Afternoon Hall Monitor #1 and Lunch #1 (11:30 - 3:30)


·         Sign in, put on your orange vest for easy identification.

·         Find the appropriate duty sticker in the co-op hall monitor notebook. Please wear it as a reminder of your responsibilities.  Eat before your schedule duties

·         Parent duty is not a time to visit with other parents.

·         11:30-11:50 check restrooms & hallways on all three floors for cleanliness.

·         From 12:00-12:45 you are on lunch duty on 2nd floor.  Students must stay in the lunchroom during lunch.

·         Walk class from lunchroom to classroom 104 after lunch.

·         After lunch, monitor the BVC entry door on 1st floor.  No one without a BVC ID may enter. Do not open the door until parents/students have shown their BVC ID.

·         If a teacher has a guest speaker coming, the teacher will add the guest to the Visitor Sign In sheet ahead of time (in green binder). When the visitor arrives, verify their Driver's License matches the name on the visitor sheet, then give them a ‘visitor’ ID to wear while they’re in the building.

·         Remind students to check lost & found as they leave.

·         After students are picked up, clean up trash in foyer & hallways. Remove the sign from the glass door and place in inside front pocket of green parent duty binder. Sweep and vacuum foyer, use glass cleaner to clean entry door. Take out the foyer trash.

·         Stay until all children (with the exception of teachers’ kids and clean-up crew) have left the building.

·         Return vest and sign out