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Report on the use of PE premium funding and current Action Plan

Updated November 2017 - Annette Crewe

PE Premium: Background and aims

PE Premium funding is ring-fenced money delegated to schools to ensure they are able to fulfil the Department for Education’s vision of all pupils leaving primary school physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.

The funding is provided to ensure schools achieve self-sustaining improvement in the quality of PE and sport in primary schools, securing improvement in the following areas:

1. The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity, kick-starting healthy active lifestyles

2. The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole-school improvement

3. Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport

4. Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to pupils

5. Increased participation in competitive sport.

Use of the PE Premium at Hagbourne CE Primary School to date

Key actions



PE Premium funding was combined with that from 2 other local schools and used to employ a full-time qualified secondary PE teacher to focus on Priorities 1, 2 and 3 above.

The Specialist PE Teacher taught alongside class teachers at Hagbourne two days a week, modelling key teaching skills needed to secure good progress over a unit of work.

Reviewed long term overview to ensure a broad range of sports and activities offered (priority 4).

Developed detailed Schemes of work for the PE units working collaboratively with teachers (priority 4).

Led the football club and netball club (with the PE co-ordinator) entering more competitions.

Input from the Specialist PE Teacher, the long- term schemes of work for PE were re-written and resourced fully.

Teachers’ subject knowledge and confidence in teaching PE increased significantly.  

The increased knowledge and skills of staff, and the enthusiasm modelled by the Specialist PE Teacher, ensured that more pupils became enthusiastic about being involved in sport and, as a result, many participated in a broader range of activities than was the case previously.

Teachers developed confidence in leading PE lessons so, towards the end of the year, the focus for the support was shifted to teachers taking on a greater proportion of the teaching role during each session and the Specialist PE Teacher acting more as a coach / mentor for staff.  

Schemes of work for each of the planned PE units were started and  written collaboratively between with the Specialist PE Teacher and teaching staff.

The football team were successful in several competition this year.

Next Steps: Specialist PE Teacher to take more of a coaching role.  Finish Schemes of work.

14 - 15  

Employment of the Specialist PE Teacher continued, allowing an ongoing focus on priorities 1, 2 and 3; the focus of this role shifted to a coaching / mentoring one for teaching staff to enable them to become fully confident in delivering all areas of the PE curriculum.

Finished Schemes of work in collaboration with staff.

This shift created additional time for the PE Teacher to lead involvement in sports competitions and tournaments (priority 5).

Teachers were supported to take on a fuller role in PE lessons. Monitoring carried out by the Specialist PE Teacher showed that class teachers’ practice in teaching PE was consistently good by the end of the school year.

Schemes of work were written ensuring the increased subject knowledge and improved planning for progression of skills could be retained in school should the use of the funding change.  

Staff were more confident in teaching PE themselves, but less confident in assessing pupils’ skills and ensuring that plans secured sound progression in these; as such, this was developed in the summer term in order to continue the following year.

The football team continued their success.

The Specialist PE Teacher secured promotion to a different post at the end of the year, allowing the focus of the funding to be re-evaluated.

Next Steps: Develop an effective assessment system.


Focus remained on priorities 2 and 3, with a PE teacher being seconded from a local secondary school specifically to support staff to develop an assessment system.

Two new teachers to school so the funding was used to employ a specialist swimming teacher to work alongside to upskill in order to teach swimming lessons in the school pool.

A new system for assessment in PE, in line with the removal of levels from the National Curriculum, was developed across Hagbourne and two other local schools. This included videoing pupils during lessons which can be used to exemplify the standard expected of pupils by the end of key year groups.

Staff used these materials to make judgements of pupils’ attainment.

Spend to date shows that staff are confident in planning, teaching and, assessing PE.

Next Steps: Logistics of PE lessons e.g setting up equipment ready to use right from the start of a session can often be an obstacle to securing consistently outstanding provision, along with challenges in differentiating and assessing during the course of a lesson.


Total delegated funding: £8,885

Appoint, induct and train PE Technician to set up lessons and maintain equipment stocks, freeing up class teacher to deliver high-quality teaching in PE

Audit current clubs and use expertise of PE Technician / Ignite Sport to broaden the range of after-school clubs for all ages.

PE co-ordinator and PE technician to ensure resources, including schemes of work and teaching resources, for Dance and Gymnastics are up-to-date and motivating.

Develop involvement in local sport tournaments by increasing the number of these pupils compete it

PE Technician to lead all aspects of involvement in tournaments following training in this role.

PE Co-ordinator and PE Technician to audit provision and identify any areas that needed further development.

Reports from teachers show that lessons are starting promptly and no loss of learning time due to fining equipment or broken equipment.

First order of replacement stock taken place after review with HT.  PE technician also trained in looking for best value products.

PE Technician attending residential in April to provide high-quality multi-sports activities (3 days).

We now have netball and football after school club for yrs 4,5 and 6.  Ignite Sport have been organised to run a year 1 to 3 multisport club.  All clubs are well attended.

Resources for dance and gymnastics will continue to be a focus for 17/18.

New Ignite football tournament joined.  Team played 14 other schools at Oxford City and won.

Local school tournament attended against 12 other local schools in netball and football.  

Athletics competition completed. In first round the team won and in second round we came 5th.

Review of provision has shown a need for some non competitive sports to develop the whole child and wellbeing e.g. yoga.

Planned spend, 2017-18

Total delegated funding: £18,250

PE Action Plan 2017 -2018

Key actions



Success Criteria

Ongoing review / next steps

Continue to work with Northbourne to employ our PE technician and to provide training in order to support teachers.

Core funding for salary.

£750 to attend courses.

Lessons are set up so pupils are active right from the start of lessons.

Review of PE planning.

Termly stock check against PE plans by PE technician.

Core funding for salary.

£200 Release time for PE co-ord and technician to work together.

Equipment is relevant to PE plans, of good quality, well-stocked and replaced when needed.

Develop lunchtime clubs to provide more opportunities within school time.

Extend football club to include younger year groups (ignite sport plus PE technician).


Core funding for salary with extra half hour at lunch to run a club.

Ignite sport charges.

More pupils, across the age range, involved in high quality sport and PE activities during the school term.

Sport clubs available at lunchtimes in number of after school sport activities.

PE co-ordinator and PE technician to ensure resources, including schemes of work and teaching resources, for Dance and Gymnastics are up-to-date and motivating.

(carried over from 16/17)

Possible training opportunity for staff.

£200 release time for co-ordinator to work with PE Tech.

£1000 resources or training.

Teaching in Dance and Gymnastics is as high quality as that in Games.

Continue to develop involvement in local sport tournaments by increasing the number of these pupils compete it

PE Technician to lead all aspects of involvement in tournament.

Core funding for salary with overtime to attend events.

Greater range of sports tournaments accessed due to responsibility for involvement in these not falling to class teachers / headteacher to organise.

Develop yoga opportunities and link to wellbeing for children.

Initial yoga lessons with teachers and possible lunchtime club.


Spring and summer term yoga lessons for children.

Work with ‘Yoga in Schools’ group.

Train a member of staff in the science of yoga and to support other staff ( 3 days)


Member of staff trained and able to support planning and development in other classes.