Hello! I am not surprised that you received those links, to be honest. In May 2017 I became friends with someone who was extremely toxic and unhealthy. I am someone who is very non confrontational and because of my history with mental health, PTSD and abuse I tend to “ghost” people or drop them out of my life when it becomes clear they are toxic to me and my sanity. I’ve learned I need to look out for myself, my recovery and my happiness first. In August, I was running my LLC and this person and I had agreed on them getting to own a percentage of my company. We agreed on 15% ownership, and when I was paying to have the contract drafted and confirming things with them- they then started demanding 40% ownership and that they would not pay a dime of what I have put into the company so far ( which is 15,000 of my own money). Them changing things suddenly last minute and not just changing things but demanding them- made me extremely uncomfortable. I had already felt and knew they were unhealthy for me but their aggressive personality made it hard for me to stick up for myself before this. I am someone who is working on my confrontation skills, as I struggle immensely to confront someone face to face. Because I never had the courage to say something to someone’s face I would end up not saying anything at all, I would remain silent as I would be taken advantage of. Today I have learned, through therapy and healing, that if I have something to say, or if I want to stand up for myself, but can only say it by writing it down via email or text - that I should speak up. Just because I can’t say it your face doesn’t mean I shouldn’t say anything. After 3 months of being stuck with this person- I stood up for myself and told them that their demands made me uncomfortable and I was no longer willing to give them a percentage.

This argument fueled an entire smear campaign they decided to run against me. This person is extremely educated and knows what words will trigger a mass response by the general public. It was hard for me to hear lies and fabrications being made about me- but ultimately everyone, my friends, family and all my fans - knew the truth and knew this person had gone way too far with their false claims and accusations. Instead of trying to attack them back, or even defend myself, I took time to empathize with them. In the 3 months we knew each other, I became aware of their mental health, abuse in their past, trauma and more. Even though they were purposely trying to hurt me online, I refused to do that back to them. I knew that it could really affect them and potentially lead to self harm because I knew they were not in treatment/therapy or seeking it. I was able to go over everything with my therapist and realize that I had to be mindful of others, even if they are not mindful to me. I had cut them out of my life and they had every reason to be mad. And they have every right to express that how they please.

As a survivor of child sexual abuse, rape and sexual abuse throughout my teens and adulthood it is extremely hard for me to hear anyone call me an “abuser”. I have always tried to use my public platform to bring more awareness to mental health, addiction and abuse. I have opened up online with some of the darkest things I have ever experienced- so scared of people's judgement or response. And time and time again I am greeted with so much love, acceptance and support. This will forever inspire me to continue being a mental health advocate. I want us all to have more discussions on PTSD and trauma so that we can all feel less alone, so we can help to educate others who may have a loved one with PTSD and so that the shame and stigma attached to mental health issues disappears once and for all!

Please let me know if you need anything at all from me. Or if you need more information; please do not hesitate to ask me anything! Hope you are well and I’m sorry for any inconvenience or any aggressive messages you received in regards to me. There are multiple accounts who consistently message anyone associated with me and have been very aggressive with some of my close friends so I apologize if that has happened with you as well.