Google Apps Scripts

Wesley Chun - Google


becoming more and more popular

used to be a great secret

teachers who are using it

apps script is javascript

- but not in the browser

- it runs in Google’s cloud (server side)

Code editor right in your browser

- zero startup

- standard Google Drive storage/sharing

Designed to extend to Google Apps

- no coding needed to use Apps

 -apps script is different, it is coding

-api for many google services

- events and deep UI integration points

- built in security and deployment

can talk to drive, docs, translate, mail, contacts

Communication and UI








The spreadsheet (google sheets)

with addresses

function sendMap() {

        var sheet = Spreadsheet.App.getActiveSheet();

        var address - sheet.getRange (“A2”).getValue();

        var map - Maps.newStaticMap().addMarker(address);



looks at a spreadsheet, gets the address is A2, creates a map, puts a pin on the map for that address, sends an email to someone with the URL of the map

recent improvements - Google Forms API

Google Drive API - can change sharing settins

Admin SDK - can move people into OUs, maybe?

use cases

document approval, purchase orders

time booking, helpdesk, project tracking, billing

auto create calendar events, mail merge, move cells

dashboards, nightly reports


add users, reset user accounts, auto create sites/folders for users

grading made easy with Flubaroo

create quiz using Google Forms

Automatically grades against answer key

can email results and answers to each student

provides charts for analysis

standalone scripts

tied to spreadsheet of document

site bound script

documentation -

user guide

30+ tutorials

Additional tools in Google Cloud Platform

-cloud databases (SQL and non-relational)

-virtual machines and cloud storage

-ability to query massive datasets, leverage ML algorithms