Whittier School  Bus Matrix


Bus Stop

Boarding the Bus

On the Bus

Emergency/RR Tracks

Getting off the Bus

Leaving the Bus Stop


*Be at your bus stop 5 minutes early

*Have your backpack zipped and on  

*gather your belongings

*Backpack in lap

*Be alert

*have your belongings gathered and backpack on

*Look both ways and walk straight home


*Keep your hands to yourself

*Handle your own belongings

*Be courteous to others


*Wait your turn in line

*Load Single File


to the driver,  answer  when spoken to,

Face forward

*Voice Level 1-2

*Clean up your area of the bus

*Treat others kindly

*Stay Calm:

Voice Level- 0

*Help each other:  Lend other students a hand if they need help

*Listen to the Driver

*Be Courteous to others

*Keep hands and feet to yourself

*Respect others property


*Know and remember what route you ride

*Find your seat quickly

*Stay Seated:  Back against the seat and feet on the floor

*Voice level-0

*Stay together

*Get off at YOUR  stop

*Clean up: pick up wrappers, paper or garbage in your area

*Go straight home


*Stay off the Road

*Stand on or behind the sidewalk

*Stay back and wait for bus to stop

*Wait for signal from driver

*Wait for door to open before stepping toward bus to load

*Walk and wait your turn

*Stay seated

*Keep aisle clear by keeping feet out of the aisle

 *Keep belongings in seating area

*Keep all food and drinks sealed in your backpack

*Voice level-0

*Follow Driver Directions

*Stay seated until bus stops

*Wait for door to open

*Unload single file

*Use handrail

*Follow Driver directions

*Step away from the bus

*Stop- Look-Listen