October 18, 2016 – DEPARTING SISTERS


The departing sisters attended the 10:00 am temple session, took photos and then had lunch at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  Following are random photos as well as a group shot.


Left to right – Sisters Li, Bodota, Cariñote, Rodriguez K., Kleine, Cardus, and Miki

Middle row:  Sisters Limage, Chamberlin and Valdez

Front row:  Sisters Medeiros and Liu

 Brazilian Sisters – Medeiros and Nivaldo


Philippine Sisters – Valdez, Bodota and Cariñote


Departing sisters from the rear to the front:  Sister Nevil, O’Reilly and Cardus

Sisters Chansriramee, Medeiros, Sister and President Risenmay, Nivaldo, Kleine and Chamberlin

Sisters Marroquin, Solarzano, Miki, Stussi, Liu, Limage and Rodriguez K.

Sisters Cariñote, Bodota, Valdez, Rodriguez R and Li


Missing from the picture is Sister Baldoza.  Due to scheduling, she went home two weeks ago.