Digital Photography Camera Checkout


A. Students are responsible for the cameras and equipment that they check out.

B. Cameras must be checked out by the instructor.

C. Students should check that the camera batteries are full.

D. Only students who are in Digital Photo may check out and use cameras.


A. All rules listed above apply.

B. Cameras are for use on Digital Photo assignments only.

C. Only the student who checked out the camera should be using the camera (you are responsible for the equipment and any damages that occur).


A. You are responsible for the use of the equipment. Take very good care of the cameras and other equipment.

B. All members of a group are to be actively involved in the picture taking process while out of the

classroom. Using a camera is not an excuse to walk around school. Failure to follow this guideline will

results in the loss of the privilege to go outside of class.

C. ONLY members of your group (the one’s who checked out the camera) are to be using the camera – it is not to be passed around to others.

D. Photos taken during school hours are to be taken around the school building and the immediate area surrounding the school. Do not give your instructor or school officials any inclination that you are not using your photography time wisely. If you're shooting requires that you visit areas that are off-limits, see your instructor before shooting.

E. Do not enter other classrooms or point cameras through windows without the teacher’s permission. Disruption of other classes will not be tolerated. Respect their right to learn.

F. All camera neck/wrist straps must be used at all times to prevent dropping the equipment. Never carry a camera without the neck/wrist strap around your neck/wrist. This is a common mistake that results in costly repairs.

G. Always keep the lens cap on when not in use.

H. Camera must be in your immediate possession at all times. Do not leave equipment unattended.

I. Use of cameras and equipment fall under the guidelines of the school handbook and policies.

To digitally sign that you have read and understand this form click here or go to, click on Courses, click on the photography class you (or your child) are in, and then click on Digital Photography Camera Checkout Digital Signature. 

*This form must be signed and returned prior to the student checking out a camera.