Virtual Skylight (VS)

rev. 3.13.16

Flotonix LLC

Goal: to develop a flat LED luminaire with internet connectivity that acts as a virtual skylight. The outdoor illumination is sensed via the network and is closely modelled on the luminaire with respect to brightness and color temperature.

Marketing features:

Competition: LED backlit skylights mimic daylight

SkyFactory SkyV shown on the left. This is in effect tiled HD television costing thousands of dollars and running fixed videos.

CoeLux shown in the middle is a projection system and expensive ($68,600)..

BrightNature offers fixed images with LED backlighting such as on the right.

Market SkylightMarket.png

Skylight market is presently $4B[2]:

Typical skylight cost is $150-500[3]

The VS is in the range of the least expensive standard skylight without sacrificing natural lighting, and makes possible daylit interiors far from rooftops, such as in subways and underground offices.


can expect 1% of this market or

$40M within 5 years.


The patent pending technology is simply to use readily available Department of Transportation (DOT) cameras as a means to track the brightness and color of sunlight anywhere in the country. This is then recreated on the internet-connected panels under smartphone control.


A special polymer, Evonik Acrylight LED Endlighten makes it possible make a new form of light fixture. A clear sheet 4mm (0.157 inch) thick and 24x24 inch dimensions is illuminated by a high brightness LEDs around the edge.

This makes possible light fixtures like these from Appareo. The VS may be clear or backed by a sheet of colorless retroreflector like this one:



Cloud Connectivity

Sunlight sensors exist for free almost everywhere, as anyone who has used traffic cameras to see what kinds of delays one might expect.

The VS Cloud captures these images from around the world into a database easily accessed from the VS light fixture.

Brightness and color of sunlight is recorded as it illuminates the highway, and recalibrated constantly every few seconds.


Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 0.25 inch

Weight: 4.5 pounds

Power: 120VAC 60Hz.

Power consumption: 20W maximum

Power Factor: >.97

Efficiency: 90%

Energy Star certified

Light output: up to 2000 lumens (equivalent to 150W incandescent bulb).

Luminance: 2000 nits

Warranty: 2 year

Includes: mounting hardware, electrical connectors.


  1. Wire to new or existing ceiling power.
  2. Turn ON.
  3. Activate Bluetooth on smartphone, run the VS  app.
  4. Enter the wifi Network Name (SSID) and password.
  5. Click GO. The nearest DOT camera will be automatically connected.
  6. The VS  app may be opened for manual override such as to dim or turn off.
  7. The VS  app may be set to track a remote camera, to ease jet lag.

 Enjoy beneficial natural light recreated indoors!

[1] Seasonal Affective Disorder and Light Therapy, Wikipedia

[2] Lux Research as reported by Hanita Energy .