Virtual Skylight (VS)

rev. 5.11.18


Marketing features:

Competition: LED backlit skylights mimic daylight

SkyFactory SkyV shown on the left. This is in effect tiled HD television costing thousands of dollars and running fixed videos.

CoeLux shown in the middle is a projection system and expensive ($68,600)..

BrightNature offers fixed images with LED backlighting such as on the right.

Market SkylightMarket.png

Skylight market is presently $4B[2]:

Typical skylight cost is $150-500[3]

The Virtual Skylight is in the range of the least expensive standard skylight without sacrificing natural lighting, and makes possible daylit interiors far from rooftops, such as in subways and underground offices.

The company can expect 1% of this market or

$40M within 5 years.


Optical: Realistic blue sky appearance similar to that of HDTV, but with automatic synchronization to local sunlight. Efficiency of >120 Lumen per Watt ,at least 10 times more efficient that HDTV.


A special polymer, Evonik Acrylight LED Endlighten makes it possible make a new form of light fixture. A clear sheet 4mm (0.157 inch) thick and 12 x 12 inch dimensions is illuminated by a high brightness LEDs around the edge.

This makes possible light fixtures like these from Appareo.



Clouds & Nighttime stars

More than just a portable piece of realistic blue sky, the VS can display animated clouds that can follow local wind direction. This is more effective in an array of panels that allow the animation to glide across the ceiling.

The VS contains a built-in planetarium unlike any other light, so that you will fall asleep to natural starlight, with actual twinkling stars that mirror those overhead at your present time and place.


Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 0.25 inch

Weight: 3.0 pounds

Power: USB micro B connector, 12V via USB Power Delivery[4]

Power consumption: 28W maximum

Power Factor: >.97

Efficiency: 90%

Energy Star certified

Light output: up to 1200 lumens (equivalent to 100W incandescent bulb).

Luminance: 6500 nits (equivalent to northern sky)

Warranty: 2 year

Includes: mounting hardware, electrical connectors.

 Enjoy beneficial natural light recreated indoors!

Stars                                Virtual Porthole

Three panel array with moving cloud entering from right.

[1] Seasonal Affective Disorder and Light Therapy, Wikipedia

[2] Lux Research as reported by Hanita Energy .