I am not a Doctor Who fan. I think Steven Moffat’s choices can be questionable. I cringe if more than one episode of the show gets nominated for the Short Form category. But occasionally, there is an episode of the show that stands out, that I’m perfectly fine with being nominated. Last year, that episode was “Listen”. This year, it’s “Heaven Sent.” Clara is dead, and The Doctor, desperate to find a way to resurrect her, ends up in a water-locked castle and the prey of a mysterious creature. This is just a beautiful episode on all fronts, from the story to the direction. This episode really highlights how, despite everything The Doctor has been through and all the companions he gets, he still ends up lonely. At first, I was hesitant with Capaldi taking the role, but he really has proven himself, and this episode sees him in yet another amazing performance. The 12th Doctor era truly is the high mark of the Moffat era.