4/22/17 Community Technology Forum Notes

These notes and observations are made possible by our partner, City Bureau.

City Bureau Documenter: Corli

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Event Description

Agenda + Notes

10 - 10:10 am Welcome & Breakfast

10:10 – 10:30 Introductions + Outline of Activities

10:30 - 1100am Icebreaker

11:00 - 11:45am Mapping Activity

11:45pm - 12:10 pm Lunch

12:10 - 12:50 pm Solutions Brainstorm.

12:50 - 1 pm Closing

Event Description

Community advocates discussing the technology in their community. A discussion of solutions and ideas to improve things that don’t work and leverage what does in the community.

Number of participants: 15-16 (Some people left during, came late)

General description of participants (ex: mixed ages, etc.): Seems to be a median age of about 40. African-American and Latino, a few caucasians, 1 Asian. Oldest participant may be in late 60s, youngest may be in 20s. A baby (2/3 years old) is present.

Agenda + Notes

10 - 10:10 am Welcome & Breakfast

People came in slowly, at around 10:13 there are 9 guests enjoying breakfast.

Denise Linn “Smart Chicago” increase digital connections and access across the city.  

Participant heard about the event through Facebook

The first one of these events to take place, other event will be in May in South Shore

10:10 – 10:30 Introductions + Outline of Activities

Participant Q: How the data will be used and what for?

Partcipant Q: Do you have any other research from other communities? Where can we find this data?

Participant will be leaving early

10:30 - 1100am Icebreaker

>Getting to know each other

One Participant moved into the neighborhood In January of this year.

One Participant is a Cyber Navigator

Participant is a retired CPS teacher.

Some participants families grew up in this neighborhood, but they don’t live here.

Participant is a Civic technologist

Worried about access to broadband, lot of worries for marginalized communities

Concerns about the computers in the senior buildings

Younger people are more connected

>Pick a picture that represents your group

We all have different things that we bring to the table but we have a common thread, which is technology.

Participant grew up in this neighborhood, never seen a meeting like this, but understand the challenges in the community that deal with technology.

How can we pull in the community into events like this? A solution can be through education

A lot of folks in the community doesn’t come out because they're too busy trying to make ends meet, living everyday life.

People don’t participate in community meetings because of fear of feeling stupid or inadequate.

Participant feels that they are doing some great networking here.

The power of the voice is not prevalent in the community, everybody has a voice and we all want to hear concerns.

Participant is a youth advocate, uses wordpress to help youth build their own.

You can inspire people and get inspired by others at events like this.

11:00 - 11:45am Mapping Activity

>Specific challenges or problems that you or your family have experienced in your community. 

Safety is one of the biggest challenges, especially in this neighborhood.

A lot of the kids in the neighborhood don’t have a real family to go to feel safe.

Minorities are so good at technology because of crime, they can’t go outside and be a child because it so dangerous.

People don’t want to take the time to learn, they want to log on into a computer and print something out.

There is no support from the parents in the community.

No laptops in the senior center

>Specific challenges and gaps you or your family experienced with technology in your community.

Not enough technology for us to self express

When people leave the library they should leave with someone in their hand, they should never leave empty handed.

There should be a cyber cafe, academic business environment

The way kids learn today is different, at their own pace.

New anonymous tip website ( CPD APP)

The gap between the kids and adults is what the kids are seeing on social media and how that affects them

Crime, security cameras on one side of CTA station but not the other side

Senior Center has one computer that doesn’t always work, no classes there to learn how to do things.

Need more camera in community areas (Libraries, parks) so families can feel safe

How to pull kids and adults in to learn more about whats out there.

Companies have a new work setup nowadays, there should be a way kids should be learning today (Brainstorming more)

Every cyber navigator can teach one on one, but not every library has this available.

Free programs need to be available also

Pulaski and Archer parking lot, so many cars booted there but in the community 5 people are shot but no one can track this. They can track this cars to boot them but can’t track the people being shot and killed.

House cameras can help to catch crimes

Finding a murderer doesn’t generate revenue for the city but boots do so that’s why they do this.

Participant disagrees, thinks that finding murderers does generate revenue, and everytime someone is locked up someone is getting paid.

Parents in CPS should help children and the community their purpose

Bogan has so many community watches but nobody sees anything. (No snitch rule)

Fear in the community

Not enough resources for technology in the community broadband

11:45pm - 12:10 pm Lunch

Podcasting is huge now and teaching people how to do it

Taxation without representation, if you have any overdue books you can't use  the computer in the library

Solve the digital divide

Not having internet locks you out of employment and corporate America, and it does by design

In Europe they have very fast internet, in America we have substantial internet speeds

RCN, only on the North Side and they’re cheaper than Comcast.

Most technology “non for profits” don’t have open labs you can’t even print there

Non for profits have other organizations going on and are very selective of who can use their resources

12:10 - 12:50 pm Solutions Brainstorm.

>Access to Internet

Hotspots would be great for the community

Discrimination in the Englewood community, downtown there are lots of Hotspots

Program at the Library called internet to go

Teen lab in Harold Washington, need to have a space for adults (You-Media for adults)

Building landlords should include wireless access over in this community like they do up North

Offices and universities need to open up their labs to the public, they use our tax dollars

Big cities need computer centers

24 hour tech facilities

Events that are sponsored so that the community can know about tech facilities

Community tech centers can serve as pop ups, local craftsmen can work at the pop ups, residents can have events at the pop ups

No access to all city colleges resources

Mobile wifi vans as accessible as the ice cream man

Ways we can bring technology into homes

Internet Essentials

>Youth Resources

Responsibility of the student to want to learn

People donating their time and partnering with organizations for under resourced kids

Community needs to come to events like this

Networking is really important to know where to access to these type of sources

Partner with CPS would be the best thing for teaching students with new software

>City Resources for crime or safety

Community should have access to every piece of footage recorded with street cameras since they are paid by tax dollars

Community have more say to where the cameras are placed and why and knowing who else has access

12:50 - 1 pm Closing

Tech Thursdays meeting about providing resources to small business owners and also how to connect with others

>How To shave off time

Spending less time on icebreakers

Have the questions the table while the people are eating so things can go a little faster

Divided the map  per groups

Using Smart Chicago Flicker account for the pictures instead of the cut our pictures

Using local photos  

Add what are they looking to get from this meeting in the icebreaker

Allowing participants to write down their thoughts

Greeter with important bullet points

Giving out the packet at the door maybe so can they fill it out before the  start

Consent forms at the front with pictures

A runner to help people when they need it