November 11, 2016 – RELIEF SOCIETY


Conducting:  Sister Baker and Sister Hopf

Accompanist:  Sister Ransom

Chorister:  Sister Curcino

Opening Hymn:  #136 I Know that My Redeemer Lives

Opening Prayer:  Sister Richey

Purpose:  Sister Baker


At the last moment, Sister Baker stepped in to present our Purpose



President Bateman asked about those who have made arrangements, with President Risenmay’s permission, for Thanksgiving dinner.  The Square will be closed between noon and 6:00 pm.  During that time the sisters will have dinner at the homes of members throughout the Salt Lake Valley.


Introduction to Light the World given by the Missionary Department Visitor Center Operations.


Chris Billings, Ben Metcalf and Bracken Hodges

We were encouraged to pay close attention to the Holy Ghost and the spirit during this meeting.  There will be 1,000,000+ guests coming to Temple Square between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.


We were asked what Christmas means to us:  Some of the answers were – celebrate the birth of the Savior, good food, lights, celebrate with others, everyone is happy and draw together.


We were asked what traditions we have.  Some answers were – go to the beach (Brazil), family sings hymns, family does a large service project, and Twelve Days of Christmas.  Some Christ centered traditions are - read the scriptures, put stars on the Christmas tree with scriptures written on the back so that the family can discuss them, give gifts back to the Savior.


We watched a video introducing Light the World in 25 Days.  We were challenged to be more like the Savior during Christmas.  ( 2016-Christmas gives a theme for each day with ideas for action.


We were asked to read Preach My Gospel Chapter 11.  This year the guest card will have an ornament attached to it and will be available in English and Spanish.  The gift is a reminder of our commitment.  These cards are not meant to be passed out in bulk.  Guests have to come up and ask for the card/gift and follow-up with them afterwards.


Before the showing of the video, we are to invite the guests to feel the spirit and act.  Following the video, we will ask the guests if they thought of someone that we can share the gospel message with.  We can ask those we talk to about what they love regarding Christmas, what their Christmas traditions are and how they make Christ the center of Christmas.  Like Elder Anderson said, we should have the Savior on our lips.  We were encouraged to study the scriptures in relation to the initiative.  Don’t forget to invite others to come unto Christ and share the message to the one.  We can pray to see how God sees them one by one.


We viewed a video clip of an Elder Bednar talk when he was President of BYU Idaho.  He was in a leadership meeting with 250 student leaders.  They were preparing for the visit of Elder Eyring for that week’s devotional.  Elder Bednar asked the student leaders to participate in a test.  After getting their commitment to do so, he asked each student leader to commit to dress in a suit or dress the next day for the devotional.  These student leaders were each to ask 5 students to dress in suits and dresses, they were to ask four students to wear suits and dresses, those four asked three and so forth.  The day of the devotional only a couple of students had not heard of the request and quickly went home to change and came back.  When Elder Eyring arrived, he leaned over to Elder Bednar and asked what was going on.  Elder Bednar’s response was, they have come prepared to be taught by a prophet of God.  All of the students got the message one by one.  You don’t talk to a congregation you talk to an assembled “ones.”


Brother Hodges told of growing up in an inactive family.  The Primary President noticed that he was absent and went to visit him encouraging him to come to Primary.  He attended Primary, Young Men and went on a mission all without his parents’ support.  On his way home from his mission he had a layover in Hawaii.  During the layover he saw his parents at the airport.  He was surprised and asked them what they were doing there.   His parents told him that they had gotten their lives together and were being sealed in the temple.  It all started with a Primary President reaching out to the one.  The one begins with you.  As we study Christ like attributes we will search ways to serve our companions and those around us.  We were asked “What can we do as service projects in relationship to Christ like attributes?”  We were asked to review the 25 Day challenge every day in our companionship study.  Our instructors asked us to evaluate how am I personally coming unto Christ and becoming closer to Him?


This year the light on Temple Square will shine more brightly.


Closing Hymn:  #309 As Sisters in Zion

Closing Prayer:  Sister Schalk