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Unit 10 Final Assessment

Find the perimeter and area of each of the following square and rectangle.

1.  A square with a side length of 12 centimeters.

2.  A rectangle with a length of 6 inches and a width of 5 inches.

3.  Find the side length of a square with a perimeter of 24 inches.

4.  Find the side length of a square with an area of 64 ft .

Find the perimeter and area of the irregular figures.

5.                                                         6.


Find the estimated area of the irregular shapes.

7.  1 square = 1 in                                        8. 1 square = 1 cm                        


Look at each image and name the quadrilateral pictured.

9.                         10.  

Answer each of the following questions about quadrilaterals.

11. True or False: A rhombus will always have four right angles.

12. True or False: A quadrilateral will always have only four sides.

13. The interior angles of a quadrilateral add up to be ______ degrees.

14. What is the value of x?                                15.  What is the value of x?

Determine whether or not each image is a polygon.  If yes, write polygon, if no, write not a polygon.  Explain why it is or why it is not a polygon.

17.                                                        18.


Look at each image and name the type of polygon pictured.

19.                                                        20.


Use the formula to find the sum of the interior angles of each polygon.

21.  Hexagon

22.  Pentagon

Find the area of each parallelogram using the given dimensions.

23. Base = 12 inches                                        24. Base = 4 meters

    Height = 3 inches                                            Height = 6 meters

Find the perimeter and area of the following figures.

25.                26.Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.27.30 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.26.35 PM.png




Name the figure shown.

27.                                        28.


29.                                                          30.


Find the surface area and volume of each prism.

31.                                                          32.  


Answer true or false for the following questions.

33. True or False: Volume is the amount of space a figure can hold inside it.

34. True or False: To shingle a roof correctly, you would need to know the surface area of the roof.

35. True or False: The volume of a rectangular prism is always greater than the volume of a cube.