by The Fermentalists


Kombucha SCOBY

250g kombucha starter

25g black tea (4 tbsp)

600g hot water

65g white sugar (1/2 cup)

1kg cold water


2L jar

Measuring cups

1L measuring jug



- Brew 25g of black tea in 600g of hot water for 10 minutes

- Strain out the tea leaves and pour tea into 2L jar

- Add the sugar to the hot tea and stir to dissolve the sugar.

- Pour 1kg cold water into 2L jar

- Check to ensure that the liquid is at room temperature or below,otherwise allow to cool.

- Add kombucha starter liquid and SCOBY

- Cover jar with cloth and secure with a rubber band

Place the jar in a warm area and allow to ferment. Dependent on temperature this can take up to a month. Taste periodically, harvest when you reach desired acidity.

To harvest your kombucha, grab a large jug or another jar, hold the SCOBY back with your finger and strain the liquid. Store this strained liquid in your refrigerator or if you want sparkling kombucha you can place in a sealed bottle out of the fridge for two days to carbonate. Ensure you reserve some liquid to act as a starter in your next batch.

Finally, pour your kombucha SCOBY into a separate bowl, clean the jar and restart the brewing process.

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