Marketing Education Policy Handbook


     Marketing Education is a high school program designed for juniors and seniors who have a desire to enter the field of marketing.  The program trains young people in this area to reach a level that will allow them to enter jobs with a certain degree of training on the job.

How marketing education works

        Students are selected according to their desire to enter the area of marketing, their grades, attendance records, and the ability to successfully complete the course.  Every effort possible is made to see that only those who want and need the training are allowed to enter.

        Each student is required to keep a notebook with all class related materials enclosed for that six weeks.  This notebook must be a three ring binder and it will be taken up each six weeks and graded.  Grades will be calculated as follows:

                        Tests 33%                        Notebook 33%

                        Daily Grades 33%                

        Work-Based Learning (Co-Op) grades are calculated as separate grades.  Grades will be

calculated as follows:  

                        Work Evaluation  50%        Portfolio  25%

                        Assignments:  25%

        Each student is responsible for keeping up with their work hours.  Each student will record their hours on their wage hour report sheet.  If you do not come to school, you do not work that day.  In addition, a check stub must be provided for each month of employment.  

        Each student will be required to pay a $25.00 donation.  This donation pays for local, state,

and national DECA dues as well as the club t-shirt.  DECA is a club for marketing students.  

Please see next section of handbook.

Concerning employment

        All students that are enrolled in the internship program fourth period, must be employed within three days after the first day of the term.  If employment is pending at the end of the third day, the student will remain on a probationary status until a definite decision is reached concerning the pending employment.  If a student is unable to find employment, they will be placed in a fourth period class or study hall and will not be permitted to leave campus until the end of the school day.  The cooperative plan is a training program and not a school employment agency.  In other words, the teacher and school are not responsible for finding you a job.  I will help and give you leads, but the teacher can not find that job for you.  The employer is not obligated to employ you after you have finished the school year. If a student is found to be dishonest or untrustworthy and is relieved of a job for these reasons, he/she will be dropped from the internship program.  A student will receive an “F” for his/her internship grade if he/she does or receives the following:


        Students will call the teacher coordinator by 11:30 a.m. at school if he/she is going to be absent from class.  It will then be determined if the student can go to work.  They will be given an unexcused absence if he/she fails to call the coordinator.  Each student is responsible for providing their own transportation from school to work.

        If a student is unhappy with a work situation he or she should discuss this with the teacher coordinator before any action is taken.  Please feel free to discuss any problems concerning employment.  A student will always be dressed appropriately and neatly for his/her job.

        While on the job the student is under full control of the employer.  The student is obligated to perform as well as possible each day and to serve as a good example of Pigeon Forge High School for the public.  Each marketing education student is a representative of Pigeon Forge High School, its faculty, the administration, and the teacher coordinator.

        Students are required to have year round employment.  Students must work an average of

10-15 hours per week.  In order to receive one credit for cooperative education, a student must have 220 hours by the end of the term.  To receive two credits for cooperative education, a student must work 440 hours by the end of the school year.

        The teacher-coordinator will visit the student at his/her job at least once a six weeks to determine how the student is doing at the job.  This will include the teacher-coordinator talking to the employer about the student’s progress.  The employer will do an evaluation each six weeks on the student.  This evaluation will be delivered by the teacher-coordinator and the student will return this evaluation to the teacher-coordinator in the SEALED envelope that was provided to the employer.  Some employers choose to mail the evaluations back.  The teacher-coordinator will discuss the evaluation with the student and discuss how the student is doing at their job.


        I fully understand that my grades in marketing education and my other classes are very important.  If I do not pass the first term of marketing education, I will be ineligible to enroll for Work-Based Learning second term.

STUDENT SIGNATURE:  _________________________________________


        The Distributive Education Clubs of America is the youth organization which goes hand in hand with the classroom program.  Students compete with other high schools in the area on topics that they have learned about in the classroom and on the job.

        Each DECA member is allowed to compete in a variety of area.  Each student, with their marketing fee, is a member of DECA. For your membership, you will receive a monthly publication of DECA Dimensions, the DECA Dialogue, a membership pin, and also a chance to compete against students from all across the United States.  Some of the areas of competition include:

Apparel and Accessories                                Business Law & Ethics Management

Food Marketing                                        Hospitality Services Team Management

Sports & Entertainment Marketing                        Retail Merchandising

Hotel and Lodging Management                        Restaurant & Food Service Management

Community Service Project Written Event                Learn and Earn Written Event

Financial Literacy Promotion Project                        Advertising Campaign Event

Principles of Marketing                                Stock Market Game


        There are three levels of competition: regional, state, and national.  We will discuss these in more detail later; however, you need to be aware that if you go to the state competition in March you are required to pay your own way.  The cost is approximately $200.00.  YOU ALSO NEED TO BE PASSING YOUR CLASSES TO BE ABLE TO GO.  IN OTHER WORDS, IF YOU ARE FAILING A CLASS FOR THE SEMESTER YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE COMPETITION.


        The district competition is in Knoxville ___________________    ____.

        The state competition is in Chattanooga March _______________.

The national competition is scheduled for ________________________________________.  

Nationals will be in __________________________________________________ this year.



        Cooperative Education seeks to further the all-around development of the students, but especially to insure their ability to enter the world of work upon graduation and to be successful in it.  In order to make sure the program is fully effective, each student-learner must agree to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  1. To be regular in attendance in school and on the job.

  1. To be on time at school and on the job.

  1. To notify the teacher coordinator by 11:30 a.m. and the employer as soon as possible when it is necessary to be absent from work and school.  Student-learners may work on days when they have a doctor or dental appointment provided a doctor’s excuse is given the next day.  The teacher-coordinator should be notified in advance concerning all appointments including doctor, dental, and court.

  1. To realize that being absent from school also means not working.  To realize that being present at school also means attendance at work.

  1. To carry out training on the job in such a manner that the student-learner will be a credit to self and Marketing Cooperative Education.

  1. To do all assignments for the related class as well as possible.  To maintain accurate wage and hour sheets as well as other records related to employment.

  1. To realize that Cooperative Education student-learners are under the jurisdiction of the school throughout the day.

  1. To behave maturely on the job as well as at school.  Not to risk the loss of my job because of unacceptable behavior or behavior involving drugs, marijuana, or alcohol which will result in immediate expulsion from the program and loss of credit.

  1. To pay all normal fees and charges necessary for class activities such as banquet, conferences, and field trip.  To support my Youth Organization (DECA) and participate in its activities.

  1. To avoid activities that would lead to detention, suspension, or expulsion.

  1. To realize that if a student-learner causes trouble at the training station (work), it may be impossible for another student-learner to follow at that training station.

  1. To accept the fact that student-learners who are required to leave school for disciplinary reasons will not be allowed to report to their training stations for work.

  1. To register all cars that are being used to get to work.  Infraction of traffic laws may cause termination of the job if the student-learner has no way to get to work.  A copy of the student’s driver’s license and auto insurance will be kept in the student’s WBL file.                                                                                                      


  1. To consult the teacher-coordinator about any difficulties on the job, and to make no changes without the consent of the teacher-coordinator.  A student-learner cannot quit his/her job without the consent of the teacher-coordinator and then only after necessary arrangements have been made with the employer (usually a two-week notice).

Any student will receive a “0” for his/her work grade if he/she does or receives the following:


15.  To keep matters of business in strict confidence.

  1.  To ensure that my recreation time will be scheduled at a time that will not interfere with  

         my work schedule.

  1. When I am on the job, my work comes first.  If I feel that my studies, family, physical health, or moral well being are jeopardized because of my job, I will consult my parent, my teacher-coordinator, and my employer.

18.        I will be honest in all dealings concerning my work with money, merchandise, time and


  1. I will not waste time visiting with friends or others who may contact me while working.

  1. If a student is laid off because of economic conditions he/she will be considered employed unless there is no possibility of being recalled by the employer.  His/her classroom grade will serve as his/her work grade.

  1. All students must be employed within three days after the opening day of school.

  1. All students will work the schedule the employer assigns them.  This includes working weekends.

  1. A student must be employed a minimum of 10-15 hours (average) a week as well as throughout the school year.  This means until the very last day of school.

  1. Students will be evaluated and graded by their employer each six weeks period.  A conference will be held to discuss the evaluation between the student and the teacher-coordinator.

  1. You must obey your employer’s dress code.

  1. In order to continue in the program, each student must maintain a 90% attendance rate.

  1. Students will complete a personalized learning plan and portfolio.

  1. Students will be required to stay 4th block each Monday.  They will not be permitted to work until after 3:15 p.m. EACH Monday.

I realize that to fail on my job reflects not only on me, but on all others placed on jobs by my school.  I know it will reflect on future marketing education students who hope to secure part-time employment.  I therefore, agree to uphold these rules to maintain the reputation of my school, my teacher-coordinator, and myself.

I fully understand the above statements pertaining to cooperative education and I agree to cooperate in carrying them out to the best of my ability throughout the school year.

________________________________________________                __________________

Student-learner’s Signature                                                        Date

As a parent or guardian of the above student, ___________________________________,  I have read the agreement and understand that all responsibilities must be fulfilled in order to continue enrollment in the program.

________________________________________________                __________________

Parent’s Signature                                                                Date

School Year  20____  to 20____


1.        NO food (including gum) or drinks are allowed in the classroom.  If caught with any of these

        items, it will be an automatic morning break detention.

2.        Materials such as notebook, paper and writing utensils are REQUIRED at every class period.  If you forget to bring one of the above to class you have two options:

        1)  go to your locker and get the needed materials which may result in a tardy.

        2)  have your participation grade docked for that day.

3.        If you are not in your seat by the time the last bell rings, YOU ARE TARDY.

4.        Common courtesy and respect for one another shall prevail in this classroom.

        a.  Raise your hand to be recognized before speaking.

        b.  Do not bother anything on or in the teacher’s desk.

5.        Make a good effort to do your own work and request help from the teacher if needed.

6.  It is my responsibility to make-up any work I have missed from being absent.

7.  I will work in class on a portfolio to be presented at the end of the semester.

8.        Remain seated until you are dismissed by the teacher.

9.        All rules and regulations in the student’s handbook apply in this classroom.


1st – warning

2nd – morning break detention

3rd - office