Session Notes

Hi from EdCamp Janesville! (WI) :)

Session: Google Tools

@ms_cerda knows her Google stuff!

Google Community Grants- supports STEM, Classrooms in the Cloud, Disadvantaged Areas (up to $15,000)

- doesn’t tie you to any particular device

- bought “idea paint” to transform walls into collaboration walls

- Googleable VS. non-googleable wall

Ways to make Google search safer-- you can build “walls” (parameters) within Google search

- if I want students to search habitats, I can set the parameters to only search 6 or 7 websites that I have  chosen beforehand


- GAFE can allow Ss to only email within the district, no outside spam

Google Ninja Academy

November 2, 2013

Round Rock High School, Round Rock, TX

GAFE Summit

Apply to present here http://goo.gl/aAjJHH

WATCH THE VIDEO! www.google.com/edu

CHROME APPS, www.webappreviews.org

What are your favorites?

WEVideo (https://www.wevideo.com/sign-in)



Clearly (for Evernote)

Session: STEM - Science Technology Engineering Mathematics    @heartinlife  @tinaberumen10

-Next Generation Science Standards

-Standard Based Grades

-STEM Conference in February (possible PD) NSTA.org Regional STEM

-UT Dallas, FW Science Museum, txstem.org, Discovery Streaming, PBS great resources to help TexasAssociationMinorityEngineers, IEEE, EngineeringInElementary, Destination Imagination

-after school session of 5th graders and bubble kids, learned about scientists and experiments- current day as well

-Reach out to corporations, parents, etc., in community to bring real life meaning to content. Create an Edmodo group to have access to professionals and volunteers.

-Guided math stations - enforce with current science lessons

-Digital Data Collection tools

-What can we do to help integrate STEM? Language Arts is great as starting block for topics, STEM based literature. Use science content as vehicle to get to your own standards.  Teachers of different subjects need to get together and plan & align chunks that can be integrated together!

    Book of the Month with App challenge (Adventures of a Plastic Bottle) http://www.gcisd-k12.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=13539

    Pic Collage (finding science/math in school)

    Lego Club

    Snap Guides (app for STEM) Science360, iMovie, Google Hangout, Pixel of Ink (website)

    Flipboard with current Science/Math/Technology blogs, websites for elem


    Digital Steam app(visualizing Science/Math vocab words)

    BrainPop (web) game up area. Higher collaboration and higher order thinking

Session: PBL



Blended model of Flipped and Project Based Learning

What is PBL?

- Give students the concept we want to learn and the end result we want to see but students decide how to get there - the path, the inquiry, what works and what fails

It’s okay to change the way you do it with each project!  Find what works for you and your students.

“Think OUTSIDE the box for EVERYTHING”

Provide a rubric sometimes but you don’t have to do this for everything.

The grade should ALWAYS reflect where your student is.  

Math facts quizzes once a week

*Kids focus away from grade more on accomplishment

give the kids s voice (How do You want to learn this)

Use K projects and adapt to what you are teaching.

3 question rule. Students may only ask 3 questions during projects

*Have students help create the projects.  

*Students can design the room! - GIVE STUDENTS CONTROL!yu

You DO NOT have to hold their hands for everything!  Allow students to think for themselves.

If one group “copies” or looks at the ideas of another group, or even asks the other group a question...we call that cheating.  Is it cheating or do we call the COLLABORATING?

In order to have a successful PBL environment - you have to build trust.  Students need to know that it’s okay to fail ONLY if they are learning from it.  SHARE EVERYTHING.  Share on a youtube channel, class facebook, twitter, websites, blogs, etc.



The Buck Institute


"That group is doing something much cooler than y'all!"

Be flexible!!

Share Everything Globally!

Make FAKE accts to respond to student work if not connected globally

Sophia.org - upload videos of class with student passwords

Math Fair - kids present something they are passionate about. 2 weeks to decide idea and submit. 3 weeks to complete project. Done completely at home. Ex. Barrel racing, zoo

habitats, basketball, angry birds, temple run, minecraft, karate,

PBL with @techninjatodd see his website for ideas and blogs www.toddnesloney.com

Project Ideas- Teaching Channel, NCT Illuminations, The Buck Institute (BIE)

Session: Evernote and Genius Hour


Link to my notes on Genius hour using Evernote! :)


Session: Blogging

Where to get started:

- Square Space - http://www.squarespace.com/stories - paid service

- Host - pay for your domain



- pay for 50 student accounts

- there is an app for that!

- BLOGGER - free and easy!

Rafranz Davis - http://www.rndesigns.com/


www.keepvid.com - download a youtube video to your computer and watch without internet access.



HOOKER HOMEWORK - Write a letter to your incoming students.

Everything you do is sharable!  Don’t ONLY share the perfect!

184 Days of Learning - http://www.psdblogs.ca/184/

When you have students blogging, tweet out the blog with #comments4kids

Keep a running word or notepad document with blogging ideas for future use


What do you use to read blogs?

Feedly - http://cloud.feedly.com/#welcome

Diigo - https://www.diigo.com/


Triberr - http://triberr.com/

Daily reflection: 3 things you did well and 3 things you could do better on

Blog Box - ideas of blogging topics for kiddos who can’t think about what they want to blog about

Math idea - How can you help someone understand this concept?

How do you select a platform:  Select what works for you!

Should you have a blog for your classroom website?

Session: Twitter in the Classroom (with @mattBgomez)

- Matt uses Twitter w/his K Ss within the first month of school

- How do you have time for Twitter in the classroom? It’s just another way to do shared writing

- In morning, T favorites 3-5 tweets from the feed and then displays ONLY those (adds a new layer of security)

- Research center

- Blog is for parents, Twitter is for friends-- to parents: you are welcome to go on both, but we most always blog about what we tweet

- @iPadSammy favorites/encourages parents who are traveling to tweet pictures of their journey (great way to take a virtual field trip)

   Class twitter account first month of school  (separate your class account from professional)

   Create a network of teachers whom you can connect classroom accounts with

   Favorites feed to keep what you want students to see as focus

   Great way to keep parents, family involved in classroom

   Use tweets to summarize lesson learned at end of the day

   Start with a "paper" twitter

   Let students create content (Google form etc) to submit to teacher to tweet from class account

   Use live action to incorporate Digital Citizenship

   Follow Twitter accounts with a text alert: text "follow @{insert handle}" to 40404.  Fast Follow Blog has directions: https://blog.twitter.com/2010/introducing-fast-follow-and-other-sms-tips  

   Experts in their fields WANT to share with kids!

Student media posting permission forms: http://share.playingwithmedia.com/posting-policy/

Have a BYOD policy to help classroom management. Keep them on the desk so Ts can monitor Ss use

Session: Digital Summit


Parents, students and teachers all bring their own devices.  

Keller - Timberview Middle School Digital Summit - 2012-2013 http://storify.com/jackson_carrie/first-keller-isd-digital-summit-at-timberview


Twitter: @andreschavez










EdCampDallas = October 12th!



“Date nite with devices”

"Digital Summit"

"Digital FAMILY Datenight"

-Have about 5-8 sessions with each one “teaching” something different. (Twitter, how to access grades, how to access school stuff, stem scopes, study island, learning.com, brainpop, iMovie, Internet Safety)

- Plan for approx. 30 minute sessions

- might have to recruit presenters - recruit specific teachers to teach a specific skill

- have presenters prepare and submit their presentations so that we can approve

- Letter for parents for summit nightdi vandergriff

Letter - What is a digital summit and send once a wk to parents (didn't know who presenting, etc.) 22 presenters - 8 sessions - 8 classrooms, chief tech officer, use digital progs you already use with students - ex. fast math

1 parent presented

Present: Cyber Safety, Twitter, iMovie, Google Docs, Blogging, Instagram, ios Apps, pinterest, Prezi, Google docs, QR codes, GeoCaching,

- When you create your schedule, provide a brief description of each session

Google URL shortener

Door Prize


double sided ticket - 1 ticket for every session - 1 for each parent & student

*An explanation of what the tool is - a basic understanding and introduction to the digital tools https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-saUjF4CxjATVhqWjZackd6bzg/edit?usp=sharing

- Digital Summit Flyer (with sessions)


at- Try to get door prizes, for every session that participants go to, they get a ticket to enter for a door prize.  Parents can earn one per session and so can kids

Set up a gmail acct for parents, twitter and have them follow you

Mistakes - earlier in the year, ot a ticket

 for a door prize

BYOD - Stress that to the parents ahead of time!

Organizers maybe shouldn't present if possible to be available for troubleshooting or organization.

The “teacher” should be more of a facilitator.


sessionns out of 22 - each session 30-45 minute sessions (evening 30 min at most) 45 if on a Sat.

Google Survey - FOLLOW UP is important!

Give a description for session title!!!!  

Meet first in cafe - where tech is and where going with chief tech off, then break out into sessions

Trade DL for ipads

Bring your own device

Hands on

Organizers need to trouble shoot vs. presenting

Gmail form to see who's coming?

Possible Digital Tools/Sites to Present:

- Instagram

- Pinterest

- Twitter

- Geocaching

- Facebook

- Edmodo/Schoology

- Blogging/Blogs

- Augmented Reality tools

- Vine

- How to use iPads/tablets (how do we use them in the classroom? How can you use them at home?)

- How to use an iPhone (or Android phone if a presenter wants to cover that)

- How to set up a free email account: HELP DESK to set up email on phones for parents/grandparents

- Discovery Education (using it personally as well as in the classroom)

- Weebly

- Wikispaces

- Show class and school websites to show what they can access and where to find info

- iMovie, iOS apps, Android apps

- how to use and iPhone

- GMAIL - don’t have an email, let’s get one!

- Google Translate for ELL parents

- Sessions in spanish- make sure that session descriptions are in  Spanish

- Online textbook navigation and login

- have booths/poster sessions in a common area for parents to walk through

Session: iPad Apps (@LisaDegan1 & @Ms_HeatherBaker)

Tellagami - this free app allows you to add voice to cartoon images with voice over or typing text

   You can customize you character and background. You can choose voices.

   Can share and save

   Use for summary, welcome messages

Sock Puppets - choose up to 4 characters, custom props and backgrounds. Students can record    

    voices.  Communicate and explain

Show Me - voice over drawing. Search videos by other people

Educreations - can type and voice over. Can create teacher and student accounts

Explain Everything -

Doceri - check out before you use with students

Hopscotch - math

30Hands - presentation app

Display Note - lets you teach from iPad. Download on computer and iPad. Can link student screen

    devices. Free for 30 days.

Perfect Captions - label over pictures. Can export to online student management

Story Creator - creates books with pages, pictures, and read aloud

Story Kit - (iphone app) good for writing without pen and paper


Davinci Note


SimpleMind - create mind maps

Popplet lite- screen shots if save issue

Moka - taking notes - organizes in 'books' (teacher or stuents)

notability - note taking, can record speaker and note on side

Sticky Notes

Lino - bulletin board, discussions

Today's Meet - web-based, uses code twitter style feed (students can choose own name, trod carefully)

Hoot Suite - organize twitter feeds

MyScript Calculator - solves hand written math problems

MagicPlan - budget design of business plan


Animoto - make videos - can create 50 student accounts from teacher account

Stick Pick - create classes for random choosing students

Teacher Kit

Padlet - comments on wall on website "digital poster board" creates QR code for you

Songza - music by style/categories for classroom!

Twiddla.com - record video clips

Creating E-Books-Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) http://maps.playingwithmedia.com/

You don’t have to HAVE to have an iPad, but it does make it easier.  

Book Creator App-$4.99 (This is the second time I have heard about this app today!)

When you are looking for an app, keep in mind what you want from it-Does it let you add your own voice (Book Creator does!)

You can save them as PDFs or iBook.

You can have them printed, for example print on demand sites like http://www.lulu.com/

You can set up the ebook with different formats...kindle, pdf, android, epub, whatever you can do.  It makes it more accessible for all devices.

You could even record them on Youtube to share with ALL...


It’s good to have a backstory on the ebook (how did it come about?).

It’s neat to add video and audio, but the more you add to the ebook, the larger the file size which has its up and downs....use short clips because it makes the download longer, but once you download it to your device it doesn’t require ebooks to download every time.

Ibooks author gives you the chance to add pictures with multiple choice answers that makes it interactive....

You can make these using ibooks author or Adobe InDesign or Calibre (save it as an HTML)...

Montana Historical Society created one made by teachers and historians to access Montana state history that corresponds to their state standards.

You can have classroom discussions with app like Subtext (ipad only) or use it for bookstudies.

You can use copyright free books (Treasure Island for example) and have discussions within the book with your students.

You can create books with different languages and translations....

There is tremendous power in being able to record voices and trying again.-WFryer

MathTrain! -Not books, but student created media.

Use http://www.educreations.com/ to make more.

Session: Chromebooks

Students from Fayetteville, TX

Google Drive doesn’t need to use internet

Students have gmail that is filtered through the school - they cannot email anyone outside of the district 3-12

Benefit of Chromebook:

- unlimited space - all online

- Turns on in 8 seconds

- half the price of an iPad

Apps and Extensions -

iTunes UCourse - A Brand called ME

$249 - Samsung

Augmented Reality http://www.evernote.com/shard/s236/sh/3e83893f-6939-4d0f-a3cf-cc418e3ba3c9/ea17a96d556f101b1ca13e80c508c778  From Kate Gilmore - enjoy!  I almost exploded during the AR session

Session: Flipping


@Em_RSwenson (taking notes)

www.the3techninjas.org  Go to Web 2.0 link to find information on flipped classrooms. Linked to Todd's website for links to parent letters, videos on flipped class, etc.

Sophia.org - get certified to teach a flip class by Copella Univ. for FREE

W - where and when did you watch the video

S - Summarize the video (what was the video actually about... NOT "i watched a video about fractions)

Q - a question you may have, a question someone else may have had, OR a question you may see on a test on this content.

WSQ  (Where did you watch it? Summary- write one. Question- write a question about the video.)

Videos need to be less than 10 minutes!!!!

Internet - must have conversation with students about Internet, dial up, no Internet?

Do have internet, Do you have dial up, or nothing? (Specific questions!)

   Game systems play DVDs. (rewritable)

   iPod nano's- check them out

   Students can come to school early or stay late to watch a video (bc its less than 10 minutes!)

Burn RW DVD's and they can bring you a DVD to reburn when you have new videos

Student's who cannot handle the responsibility of watching video, sit in the back and do worksheets

There is NO recourse that a school has if a student loses a device. (We can threaten, but can't follow through - so don't tell them)

 2-3 Videos per week - some weeks you may not have any videos depending on what you need to do in class.

- Load 2-3 videos on at a time so some can work ahead if they want. GT kids can decide when and how they want to cover content.

- Videos are meant for foundation, NOT mastery! Todd's cover just his standards. By only covering those, you can go into more detail and depth in the classroom.

- YOu can give them a project and assign them standards to cover. That shows that they understand them.

- Allow them to read the standards the same way you have to read them. Then they know what is required of them.

- Students are only allowed to ask 3 questions of the teacher on a project - once the questions are asked they have to use other resources. SO they learn to use other resources first and save the teacher questions for important things.

Tech Tools Page on www.toddnesloney.com


ScreenCast-o-matic (FREE - videos up to 15 minutes long. No editing)

Leave the mistakes in your videos! Do it in 1 take and they can find your mistakes. - These would teach acceptance of mistakes!!

Apps: EduCreations, Explain Everything, Doceri, WhiteBoard App, Twiddla

 - Create videos!!!

First Weeks of School:

-Character Building Games and learning Technology (no instruction the first week) Building relationships, family building, etc.

- First asigned video is done together in class, WSQ is done together, then they go home and watch it again and do the WSQ with parents/by themselves.

www.Sophia.org  - Flipped Class Certification, AND iPad certification by Capella University (it sounds awesome, but is NOT hard.)

- tutorials can have quizzes at the end and you can have video analytics.

- You get aggregated data from the quizzes

- Set a mastery level before they can go on to the next level.

Lower Grade Implementation:

- Maybe flip one lesson at a time.

- Flip for the parents; make videos of concepts or projects you are doing in class for the parents to watch!

Flip using other videos (Like from Discovery Education) if you don't feel comfortable making your own videos.

StudyJams - science and math videos

Kahn Academy - math videos

YouTube Channel - you can make the videos private. Simple easy to remember website.

iTunesU app - kids can download it straight to their device.

QR - code at bottom of homework sheet to access the videos

We use videos as adult to teach ourselves things! Why not let kids do it too!!

Math Fair - NO work in class! All done at home.

- They had to pick something they were passionate about and find 6 ways math relates to it. No repeat projects.

- 3 weeks to design and work on their projects. They needed at least 3 visuals. (Actual horse, barrel, Poster, costume...whatever!)

- kids create it all themselves! They become SO proud of what they've done. NO GRADES

- Presentations has to be completely memorized! 2-3 minutes presentations.

When parents helps with projects, it allows them to spend time together!!!! Amazing!!

**You have time to implement something like this when you are flipping!

You don't have to do things that are focused on your subject all the time! Make class fun so they will want to work for you!

Umatter - A You Matter board to allow students (and teachers) to express to others how they matter #Umatter

Have kids do things with no recognition involved so they just have intrinsic rewards

Connect them globally so everything they do is seen! Feedback from strangers validates what they are doing. Empowering students!

- Tweet it, Skype it, Post it, publish it, google hang out to show what they are doing!

Be a Connected Educator! YOu might need to ask others to comment - especially a negative comment.

Kids need to experience negativity and rejection in a safe environment so they learn how to handle it in appropriate ways!

**If we were allowed to teach social media in schools we would have better digital citizens. We would still have problems, but they would be much more productive digital citizens. Don't punish the whole group for one mistake!

Session: Appy Hour


Chirp- easy way to share/send info on iPads without a gmail or syncing  to computer

Apps Gone Free- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/apps-gone-free-best-daily/id470693788?mt=8

Haiku Deck-Don’t just create a presentation, build a conversation

August 14th Webinar How to Use Haiku Deck

Ubersense- allows coaches to record athletes and then play in slow motion (would be cool to use in Science Experiments)


Session: EDMODO

Make groups for each class - can choose which student groups, parent groups or individual students to send information to.

Tell students to Comment (REPLY) inside poll, pic, or note so what you want the, to see doesn't get pushed down in the feed.

Can upload pics - teacher can be monitor and delete pics students post.

Train students on etiquette for replying, posting,etc.

Use for retesting or make-up tests. Send email to student/parent asking them to complete before next class period.

Quizzes can be timed to prevent researching during the test period.

Student backpack will allow upload of docs, pics, etc. with no space limitations.

Link EDMODO to Google Drive


Session:  Augmented Reality








Voki - 3D avatars pop up

Colar app - 3D coloring pics

Daqri app - makes pics become 3d  

Sketch up from Google - make floor plans


Kick starters - pay money to app producers before app is released. You get app when it comes out and certain in app purchases


- double tap videos to make full screen.

- teacher board in front of school  tell about themselves and classroom

- can be attached to ANYTHING that doesn't change.

- BACK of every dollar bill

- FRONT and BACK of $20

- Aurasma.com  get list of available Auras

- Aurasma vs QR codes. Auras are always available, don't have to make copies for every student or every book

- must follow certain acct in order to see Auras  (explain to parents)

     - teacher acct and schools wide acct.

- can create on device or website

        - If created on certain device then it can only be seen on THAT device, so upload videos to Dropbox and create on website.

- use test as trigger, have student explain why they didn't do well on the test and attach video to pic of test as Aurasma

 AUGMENTED YEARBOOK!!!!    What?!!!!

-Super Auras - public auras  (don't have to be following an acct)

- Imaginotron   App by Moon Bots     Fying Books story


Sign for "go ask your neighbor" or " go back to work"

Scavenger Hunt - give several choices at each spot, when correct answer is scanned next clue is given, wrong answers get Bonk!



EDMODO AR group code    4PKI8M


Google Docs

-can  link to EDMODO acct.

- Forms for almost anything!!

     - Beginning of the year info sheets!!! YES!

     - class voting

- Presentation tool is like PowerPoint

Screencastomatic.com - allows you to explain what is on your screen with video


Google Plus

 - Hangout is  like Twitter

 - chat

 - video chat with up to 10 people

 - Join public Hangouts

 - share screen during Hangouts

 - share info with other classes around country

 - share with circles/groups

 -Events - scheduled Hangouts with class (records and uploads to YouTube)

 - Communities  - join and follow certain people who do Hangouts


WeVideo  - video editor allows for video collaboration