June 1, 2020 10:45am EST

PLEASE READ: We recognize that this document, “Resources for non-Black folks to support the Black community in Canada,” has been shared widely, highlighting the need for access to resources on supporting Black communities in Canada. However, the very origin of this document generated real harm to members of the Black community because of our failure to properly credit individuals for their knowledge and sharing many of the listed resources. We have determined to stop the circulation of this document.

This absence of proper citation is an example of unconscious and deeply ingrained anti-Black racism. Properly citing Black womxn’s work is imperative to dismantling anti-blackness. We regret that this is a moment where even more labour from Black womxn was necessary to bring attention to this harm.

In the creation of this document, we did not uphold the values of being accomplices, where “accomplices’ actions are informed by, directed and often coordinated with leaders who are Black, Brown First Nations/Indigenous Peoples, and/or People of Color.” (definition source)

As non-Black folks on this continual process of working to dismantle anti-Black racism and it is our responsibility to do our best to learn and do better as accomplices.

If you clicked on the link that led you to reading this statement, we fiercely encourage you to continue your own research and resource collection without putting more labour on Black communities as folks are grieving and healing. Ultimately, ensure that your actions are informed by, directed and coordinated with Black communities.

Pay Black womxn fairly.

Credit Black womxn accordingly and often.

Listen to Black womxn with the utmost care and respect.