This concerns—but is not limited to—students, faculty and administrators; one-time academics, graduates and the many diverse members of our community.


A student is a citizen. Not a commodity. Not a customer. University shapes us into members of a collective society--what do WE want that society to be?


Community. Democracy. Understanding. These staples of our society take their form in our universities. We believe that the university too must embrace these ideals. Only when we work together can we make this a reality.


You are invited to explore this exposé of OUR public university. As with anything, the university is not free of problems--our hope is to bring light to these issues and to provide the insights and tools to bring back the public university’s purpose; its public dimension; its determination to inspire, unite and empower the citizens of today and tomorrow’s society.


Knowledge creates Hope and Prosperity, and like a degree, they are yours to keep. Join us in our mission to liberate public education.