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Technology Department Roles and Responsibilities

Tech Director: Chris Durham (AHS Counsel Pod) - This position is the umbrella over the tech department. Chris’ role is to coordinate the many systems and technology in place in our district and make sure things run smoothly as well as provide additional building tech and integration support.

Network Administrator: Jason Pfeifer (AMS) - Oversees network and server systems in the district.  Maintains and manages all computer network systems and infrastructures.  Lends support to tech director, building techs, and tech integrators for efficient maintenance of district hardware and software. He is also in charge of our phone system.

Tech Specialists (IT): Stephen Heron (AHS), Jason Pfeifer (AMS), Dave Fuentes (AES) - They install supervise and maintain the building hardware and software providing students and staff with the information and / or training to assure appropriate and competent use of technology resources.  They also have the knowledge to troubleshoot hardware and device issues that require knowledge and administrator access to solve.

Tech Integrators: Anita Moose (AMS), Evan OBranovic (AHS), Dave Fuentes (AES) - This position is in place to help teachers work with technology in their teaching. They have the knowledge to help you utilize systems already in place (Google Apps, Socrative, SpellingCity, web-based services, etc...) or find new and improved ways to help you teach curriculum/standards to your students.

Data & SIS Coordinator: Stefanie Durham (AHS office)- This position is responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of our Student Information System - PowerSchool. In addition, this position is responsible for data connectivity from PowerSchool to other District data centers such as Alpine Achievement, Scantron, OneCallNow, and School Appointments. Other responsibilities include assisting District Administration with state reporting.

Tech Norms:

Presume positive intentions from us. We will not blame you for problems and understand that we are all on a continuum of technology comfort and integration. We are here to support you and will ask questions so we can understand your goals and objectives and can better problem solve, assist, and overcome or circumnavigate obstacles and ultimately meet the needs of students.




Tech Director

Coordinate technology resources and supports network administrator and building tech and integration specialists

Google Apps, Schoolwires, iPad, PowerSchool, Alpine Achievement, and iPad support

Network Admin

Critical servers, data communications hardware, lines, switches, routers, etc.  The phone system is also under the Network Admin.

VMware, Cisco Callmanager, Cisco Meraki, Cisco switches, Sonicwall, Network OS (Windows 2008 Server), Microsoft 365, EMC, Storagecraft, NOC.

Tech Specialists

Install and maintain software computer images.  Troubleshoot building hardware and software issues such as phones, Smartboards, network printers, and other multi-function devices.

Google Apps, Meraki, Landesk, SMART Boards, Phones, Building/Classroom Technology

Tech Integrators

Support teachers with integrating technology in their classrooms

Google Apps, SchoolWires, Web 2.0 apps (SpellingCity, Kahoot, Socrative, Dreambox, etc…), CommonSenseMedia, Discovery Education

Data & SIS Coordinator

Maintaining the integrity and security of our SIS - PowerSchool. In addition, this position is responsible for data connectivity from PowerSchool to other District data centers such as Alpine Achievement, Scantron, and OneCallNow

Powerschool, Alpine Achievement, OneCallNow, Registration Gateway, Scantron, School Appointments