Lynn Fanning Elementary School

             Third Grade School Supply List

School Year 2017 – 2018

**Please leave pencils, crayons, and cap erasers in the boxes.  We will take all of them up and pass them out as needed**

  1.   1 pack loose leaf paper

  2.    4 large glue sticks

  3.    2 boxes 24-count crayons (label boxes with student’s name)

  4.    3 packs #2 pencils – no mechanical pencils

  1.    1 pack colored pencils (label with student’s name

  1.    Scissors (label with student’s name)

  1.    2 packs of cap erasers

  1.    1 set of watercolors – 12 count, Crayola brand (label with student’s name)

  1.    Zippered pencil pouch (no boxes) – Needs to be large enough to hold a box of crayons, glue stick, scissors, cap erasers, and pencils (label pouch with student’s name)
  2.    Book bag – no wheels or Trapper Keepers   

  1. 3 70-page spiral notebooks (label with student’s name)

  1. 2 composition books (label with student’s name)

  1. 2 folders with pockets (label with student’s name)

  1. 1 set of earbuds or headphones (label with student’s name)

  1.     1 1-inch 3-ring binder – white with clear view pocket front

  1.     2 yellow highlighters

  1.     2 4-pack Expo brand dry erase markers

  1.     Individual teachers may request additional items.

**Please print your child’s name on lunch boxes, coats/jackets, and backpacks**