Kaboom Sport & Social Club

Bowling Rules


1. Have FUN and PLAY nice!

2. Practice throws will start at 5:50pm and game time starts at 6pm sharp.

3. Teams of 4 Kaboom members. No subs allowed.

4. Substitutes will not be used. Blind score will be full average plus handicap minus 10 pins. Handicap is 90% of 200. Pacers will not be allowed.

5. If a team member misses a night and does not pre-bowl than they will have a blind score of their average minus 10 pins. Ask your coordinator for more info.

6. The first day of bowling will count games as won or lost. Three consecutive games must be bowled the same day to establish an average. Handicap will be 100% of 200. Scoring will use the four-point system; one point for each game, and one for total pins.

7. Tardy bowlers will be allowed to catch up, provided the anchor bowler on both teams has not completed the third frame of any game.

8. Should a team or member drop from the league, two week's notice is required.

9. Kaboom Sports and Social Club is solely responsible for collecting all league fees and ensuring payment to Cordova Lanes is current.

10. Shoe rental is included in the league member's payment to KaboomSSC.

11. League prizes are at the sole discretion of KaboomSSC.

12. In case of a tie for first place, there will be a "Roll-Off"! A tie in other positions will be determined by total pins.

13. Kaboom team shirts must be worn on nights of bowling if no theme is available.

14. We encourage all teams to participate in the team theme nights. Themes will be announced at the beginning of each season.


16. Standing are calculated by the following: rankings will be determined by (1) winning percentage, (2) head to head play (2 teams), (3) most games won, (4) fewest games lost, (5) coin flip.

17. Seven weeks of regular season play will be followed by an 8th week of playoff format.


18. Teams that do not make the semi-finals will play head to head for fun ( #5 will play #6, etc).


Please be on time and prepared to bowl (ball on rack, shoes on, etc.) at 5:50pm. If you are late, it inconveniences your team and the opposing team. If you are unable to attend, contact your team captain, coordinator and/or email info@kaboomssc.com.