100% Odor Elimination Limited Guarantee

Our Guarantee  is valid when the customer has followed the Preparation Guidelines for the Type of Job that we will be treating.  We can also walk you thru these preparation steps by telephone and email.  

Since our team at Angel’s wants you to be 100% satisfied, we will be more than happy to come back and retreat any area where you feel an odor still remains - without charge. Please note our "Guarantee Limitations" below.

What to Expect

Normally only one treatment is necessary, since it is our company policy to do a meticulous job. However, the odd time a customer may feel a slight odor lingers, we will come back, pinpoint where the odor comes from and give it another treatment, without charge.

There are rare occasions when a customer may complain that a strong odor remains after treatment. We normally find that this is the result of a hidden cause (see "What are Hidden Causes?" below for explanation). The customer may elect to have the treatment redone at a discounted rate. However, the hidden cause must be removed and the area cleaned before re-treatment can begin.

Guarantee Limitations: Hidden Causes

When a strong odor remains after treatment and we come back and discover the source to be a hidden cause (see "What are Hidden Causes?" below), in these instances, we do not guarantee our work. However, on a positive note, the smell coming from the hidden cause will be much easier to locate.

What are Hidden Causes?

Some hidden cause examples:

Other smells could be camouflaging these hidden causes. Therefore, the source of these odors must be removed before the ozone treatment can be completely effective. Otherwise, odors will return.

It is also important to note that where there is cigarette smoke, painting the surfaces in the house will cover the chemical that the smoke produces, but the smoke odor is trapped behind the paint. Ozone cannot penetrate the painted surface.

Helpful Hint

Discovering and removing the source of the odor is essential in order for the ozone treatment to be effective. This will keep it from returning.

Sample scenarios:

  1. Pet-urine-saturated carpet must be cleaned in order for the ozone treatment to completely eliminate the odor. Ozone cannot penetrate the carpet to get to the underlay beneath.
  2. A musty odor caused by mold must be removed. Ozone can neutralize the mold on the surface, but once the mold has eaten into the organic substance it is growing on, it must be removed or the mold will grow back.
  3. Ozone can eliminate the odor of a dead rodent. However, the rotting carcass must be removed from the house or it will continue to decay and the smell will come back.