This equipment lease agreement (lease), which is made effective by signing below, is between LLC  (Lessor)


hereafter known as “Lessee”. 

By signing the lessee agrees to all the terms and conditions regardless of whether they have read them.   Therefore, the parties agree to the following:

  1. Pick-up and Return – Lessee agrees to meet a representative of the Lessor at the following times and locations for pickup and return as specified above under “Order Summary”
  1. Use - Lessee agrees to use all leased equipment in conformity to all application regulations and laws.  
  2. Cancellation by Lessor – Lessor reserves the right to cancel any order, for any reason, at any time before pick-up.
  3. Cancellation by Lessee – Lessee may cancel an order at any time, for any reason until the Lessor transfers possession of the Equipment to the Lessee.
  4. Deposit - The lessor reserves the right to require a deposit to hold reserve equipment.  In the event of a cancellation by the Lessor, the full deposit will be refunded.  In the event of cancellation by the Lessee, the Lessor is under no obligation to refund the deposit.  
  5. Ownership - The equipment remains the sole and exclusive property of the Lessor and the lessee has no claim to the equipment.  Lessee is the sole owner of any images, video, or sound made by the lessee while the equipment is in their possession.  As such, the Lessor cannot be held liable for any of images, video, or sound recordings made by the lessee while the equipment is in their possession.
  6. Damage,Modification, Theft, and Loss -
  1. Lessee assumes and shall bear the entire risk of damage, theft, or loss of equipment from any cause during the entire term of the lease.  
  2. Once the equipment is no longer in the possession of the lessor, the lessee has assumed this risk and any damage, loss, or malfunction will be held to be the responsibility of the lessee.
  3. If a lessee chooses to have equipment shipped to them (or returned to the Lessor) through a package delivery company (such as the US Postal Service, FedEx, or UPS) they are responsible for any loss, theft, or damage that occurs to the equipment while in-transit to and from the lessor and lessee.  
  4. In the event of damage, the lessor shall make contact with the manufacturer of the item to get a quote on the cost of repair.  The lessee can then decide to accept the quote repair price or purchase the item at the original cost listed on the receipt.
  5. If lessee purchased limited damage waiver and the damage is within the scope of coverage provided, their out of pocket costs shall not exceed the liability limit they assumed.
  6. If the damage can be shown to be the result of general use rather than neglect by the lessee is the lessee will not be held responsible for the damage.  This exclusively applies to electrical failure with the equipment.  
  1. Accessories - All accessories including but not limited to batteries, chargers, cases, hoods, caps, and diffusers that are specified in #1 must be returned by the lessee to the lessor.  If they are not, the lessee is responsible for replacing those items.  
  2. Liability – Lessor does not assume, and the lessee indemnifies Lessor against any liability or claims resulting from use or malfunction of the equipment. Lessee assumes all liability that may arise from use or failure of the equipment.
  3. Payment - Lessee agrees to pay all costs associated with the rental prior to pick-up/shipment of delivery.  
  4. Security Deposit - Lessee agrees to provide a security deposit (if requested) up to the full value of the equipment.  In the event the equipment is not returned, by signing below the lessee authorizes the lessor to charge the lessee’s card/method of payment for the full value of the equipment as listed on the receipt.  
  5. Use - Lessee agrees to use all leased equipment in conformity to all application regulations and laws.  In the event of legal action against the Lessor arising from the lessee’s use of the equipment, the Lessor agrees to pay any costs associated with the legal action including but not limited to legal fees and damages awarded.