GMA – Grass Graves (£49.00)

Access and cutting grass on and around grave

Clearing and maintaining access and a minimum of 10 grass cuts a year including at least a 1-foot width of grass around the grave.

GMB – Gravelled Graves (£69.00)

Access, cutting surrounding grass and annual washing of gravel.

Clearing  and  maintaining  access,  a  minimum  of  10  grass  cuts  a year  including  at  least  a 1-foot  width  of  grass  around  the  grave and annual washing of the gravel in the Autumn.

GMC – Gravelled or Stone Graves (£80.00)

Access, cutting surrounding grass, cleaning of headstone and kerb, and cleaning of other stonework or washing of gravel as applicable.

Clearing  and  maintaining  access,  a  minimum  of  10  grass  cuts  a year  including  at  least a 1-foot  width  of  grass  around  the  grave and an annual cleaning of headstone and kerb including washing of gravel, where applicable, in the Autumn.

GMD – Excess fee, if applicable

A one-off fee which may or may not be payable following initial survey of grave

All graves will be inspected by our Grounds Manager, before the maintenance contract commences. If additional work (not covered by the maintenance contract) is required then an excess fee will apply. If payable, the precise fee and the work covered by this will be discussed with you before we proceed further with your application.

GME – All Graves (£6.50)

Digital Photo and Report on Monumental Masonry

Digital  photo  taken  towards  the  end  of  the  growing  season  in October and report on defects in monumental masonry.