Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona

April 1 – May 30, 2014

2015 Online Early Bird Membership and Annual Troop Review

Deadline is 11:59 pm May 30, 2014

Membership fees are $15 for our 2015 Membership year.

**Please remember membership fees go directly to GSUSA.

The Girl Scout membership year runs Oct 1-Sept 30


Important Information for Troop Leaders

The following instructions will walk you through the renewal process and provide requirements and instructions to request Early Bird Incentives and complete the Annual Troop Review.


1.          Please plan accordingly during this time. We ask Leaders to not wait until the last minute to renew their troop rosters as we have many members renewing at the same time. If you have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk and a staff member will assist you.

2.          Please review the Instructions for Parents file if you need a basic overview of how the Ebiz database works. You should be familiar with the process in order to help your parents complete their online registrations.

3.          GSUSA expects parents to maintain their family records through the Family Manager account in eBiz. GSSoAz council also prefers parents to register and renew their own girls. They are the best source for family contact information. Also—more importantly—parents create an electronic signature during the registration process that leaders cannot do for them.

4.      If you are paying with Opportunity Funds, Cookie Dough, or Cookie Credit a paper registration form must be completed and returned to Council along with payment information. We still require updated data for each family member whether members or not. If any difficulties or questions arise, please contact the Helpdesk.

5.          If any members of your troop will, or have, participate(d) in Girl Scouts during the 2014 membership year, including cookie sales, any program/events, or troop camp prior to October 1, 2014, a 2014 membership must be completed. If you are unsure, please contact the Helpdesk.

6.          If you are renewing troop members or entering new registrations for members, you MUST submit a completed, signed, registration form for each member to Council office. Original signatures are required to remain on file for the membership year. If the parents renew their girls online, a printed receipt of the payment transaction will be considered an electronic signature and will be acceptable for Council files. All forms submitted to Council should clearly display troop number.

Step 1: Access your Troop Roster

LogIn:  Choose the Current Member Login if you have successfully accessed your account in the last six months. If you have forgotten your User ID and/or Password, please contact the Helpdesk.

                If you have not logged into the eBiz site since August of 2013, please create a New Online Account. The system will find your record and attempt to send you a security email link in order create a new User ID and Password. Upon re-entry, the system will require you to provide demographic information for security and identity purposes to make sure you access the correct family information. If you get any messages or encounter any difficulties, please contact the Helpdesk.


                Troop Roster:  Once logged into eBiz, click on the My Troops tab. If you do not have a My Troops tabs or cannot access your troop roster, please contact the Helpdesk. You must be assigned a Leader position code of 01 to access troop information. Council staff can assign this for you.



Troop Preview:  Please make sure all of your members are listed for the 2014 membership year. There should not be any other members listed that are NOT a part of your troop. If you need assistance with roster clean up, please contact the Helpdesk. (At this point, it would be more efficient to contact the Registrar’s office for missing members. We do not want to create new records for existing girls. They are most likely assigned to the wrong troop and a transfer is an easy task.) If you have more than ten members, look for additional pages listing your troop members.






Step 2: Adding New Members

Please note that Council prefers parents to register their family through the eBiz portal instead of the troop leaders. They are the best source for demographic and contact information. We want them to be able to manage the family account and to be able to register for family scout events.

Please contact the Registrar’s office before adding new members to your troop. It may be a simple task and checking to see if the member is currently in the wrong troop. Also, the member may have a data record and not realize it. We do not want to create duplicate records. If the system finds similar data, you will get an error message and have to call council anyway.

Make sure you have a completed, parental-signed member registration form. This original signature must be filed with the council. When you have completed the registrations and renewals, you will attach the form to the Dues Summary and submit to Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona, 4300 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson AZ 85711. We have provided links to all the forms at the end of this document.


From your troop roster listing, choose Add a Girl Member or Add an Adult Member.






Read and warning and then click Continue.







The rest of the data entry is detailed in the Parent Instructions under Step 3: New Membership.


Fill in all the data using the completed member registration form. Continue through all screens until the product has been added to your shopping cart.

If you are ready to check out and pay, and need any instructions, please see Step 5: Check Out, page 8 of the Parent Instructions.


Step 3: Renewing Current Members


Gather Data: Gather information from new and renewing members before you get started: updated contact information, including valid email address and guardian information; date of birth; grade entering and school attending in the fall; method of payment for the registration fee. The best source for this information is a SIGNED completed membership form.

If you are paying with Opportunity Funds, Cookie Dough, or Cookie Credit a paper registration form must be completed and returned to Council along with payment (if applicable). If any difficulties or questions arise, please contact the Helpdesk.

Choose Members to Renew: From your troop roster, check the box along the left side of the member’s name you want to renew. Go up and select Purchase a Girl Scout Membership. This is the method to use if you are renewing quite a few. Click GO.

For only a couple of renewals, click on the GS logo along the right side of the member’s name and it becomes a hyperlink for the renewal process. Use this method if you will process only a few girls. It will process one at a time.







Collect Membership Information: Data must be updated for all members that are renewing.








Once you click the Start> button, it will direct you to this next screen. This is the same procedure as described in the Instructions for Parents, Step 3 shown on Page 5. Continue for each screen validating the information, making sure all required fields are completed. Use the <Back or Next> buttons to complete the task for each member.



After you complete data verification for the member and click Continue at the end of the Summary Page, you will return to the troop roster. You can now verify data for the next member you have checked for renewal. Once you have completed the data update for ALL selected members it brings you back to this screen. Notice the new message:









Once all the member data has been collected, click Next>. You are now at your shopping cart. Verfiy the items you want to purchase and continue with the checkout process or continue shopping.

                You may log out when needed and the completed products will remain in your shopping cart until your next session. The checkout procedure is explained in the Instructions to Parents starting at Step 5 page 8.







To verify that your order has been received, you will see an Order Summary page on your screen and an auto-email notification will be sent to the email address in the account. You should print at least two copies of this receipt. One copy for your records and one copy should be submitted with your dues summary form and paper copies of registration forms with original parent signatures. If we could encourage our parents to register and renew their own girls, leader would not have to submit forms or due summaries to Council.

(Most home computer stations will not print a receipt from the green Print button included at the bottom of the page. If you type Ctrl+P from your keyboard, you can select your local printer.)


Step 4: Request Early Bird Incentives

Individual Incentive:  Girls will earn a patch if they Early Bird register or renew by May 30, 2014. Leaders will request the patches using the Incentive Request Form. Please confirm with your parents that they have renewed their daughter’s membership. This request form must be submitted before June 6, 2014 in order to receive the incentive. Patches will be available for Troop Leader pickup in the Council Shop on June 11, 2014.

Important Information Regarding Financial Assistance

Early Bird registrations that request financial assistance must be done with paper registration forms. These forms are due to Council by May 30, 2014 in order to receive incentives. The registration form and the funding request must be submitted together with any partial payment.

Click here to access the 2015 Opportunity Fund form


                Annual Troop Review:  Troop Leaders are required to complete and submit a troop review form at the end of each scout year. This is a snap shot for Council to see the progress on the troops in our area. This submittal is a requirement for receiving the Early Bird troop incentive this year. It is an online form and easy to complete and navigate through.


                Troop Incentive:  Troops who register at least 60% of the number of 2014 troop members by Early Bird deadline will be eligible for the troop incentive. This year we are offering troop flags. You must have 60% of the number of girls you had last year, and 60% of the adults. These can be renewals or new memberships but must be completed before the Early Bird deadline. If you have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk.

                Troop flags will be customized with your troop number. In addition to the 60% member registration requirement, troops must complete and submit the 2015 Annual Troop Review. Leaders are to complete the Early Bird Incentive Request Form by June 6, 2014.


Our Online Registration process does not support the following situations and requires these paper forms:

             Girl or adult registrations requiring full or partial financial assistance

             Lifetime registrations for graduating seniors at the reduced rate of $195

             Registrations being paid for with Cookie Dough or Cookie Credit


Please use these links to print paper forms for the above registration exceptions. Paper form registrations, completed properly and returned to Council before May 30, will be eligible for the Early Bird registration incentives.


Girl Membership Registration Form

Adult Membership Registration Form

2015 Opportunity Fund Request Form

Early Bird Incentive Request Form

2015 Annual Troop Review Form