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Preferred Insurance Center Mascot Branding Blog Post

Preferred Insurance Center Blog Post focused on mascot brand marketing with a humorous slant.

Watch Out for the Phony Flockers!

Preferred Insurance Center is the only Ohio insurance agency that is making a strong effort to support those whom society had left behind: Plastic Pink Flamingos.

For much of the late '50s and early '60s, Pink Flamingos were all the rage. From the front yards of celebrities like Doris Day and Elvis Presley to landmarks such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Hollywood sign, plastic Pink Flamingos occupied nearly the entire landscape of America. At this time, nothing was bigger and more beloved than these pink plastic beauties. They populated children's books, country western songs and even had a TV miniĀ­series all their own, aptly titled, "Yard Work."

Sadly, Flamingos took a huge nosedive in popularity during the 1970s, and a lot of jobs were lost to lawn gnomes and birdbaths. However, Flamingos did have a small resurgence in the '80s due to the hip style and influence of television's popular cop show, Miami Vice, but this was a short-lived fad that died out soon after that show went off the air. This lack of popularity resulted in many dark years for Pink Flamingos during the '90s and all the way up to 2012. During this time, there were reports of many Pink Flamingos being forced to live on the streets, eating from trash cans, and some even turning to drugs and alcohol.

All but the most affluent Flamingos were out of work and homeless for over thirty years, that is, until Preferred Insurance Center created what has become known as "Flamingo Insurance." Flamingo Insurance and its subsequent partnering with the recent yard flocking trend has breathed an incredible amount of life into the plastic Pink Flamingo species, providing jobs opportunities on lawns across Mercer County and, eventually, all over the great state of Ohio. While Preferred Insurance Center has taken a major step in reviving this species, we cannot do it alone. Take a few minutes to learn more about Flamingo Insurance and how you can help donate money to one of six incredible charities. Not only would you be supporting a deserving charity, you would also be helping a longtime struggling species flourish.