Using Ipad Numbers to handle data – Financial Modelling

Collecting / analysing / evaluating / and presenting data and information

Discovering algorithms – sequence of instructions or set of rules.

What is we want to achieve?

1.     Itemise quantity and types of food.

2.    Detail the cost of each type of food.

3.    Automatically calculate the cost of each food type and total cost.

4.    Calculate whether we have enough of a budget to pay for the food.

5.    Draw a graph showing the cost of the items graphically.


Here is an example of what we want to achieve. In this case graphics and colours have been added to make the overall presentation very clear for the user.


You will be following a live demonstration of how to use ipad  Numbers  and with help will soon be creating your own spreadsheet. The algorithm or rules for this exercise is to enter data, automatically evaluate totals, calculate overall totals and test whether you are in budget.


Don’t forget your success criteria when you have completed the exercise.