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Earth Science 3 Study Guide (Updated Weekly)

Week of September 17-21        Learning Set 1 Assessment Tues, 9/25 (Covers Lessons 1-3 and Rock Cycle)        

SIP Day Wed, 1:00 PM Release        

Fri: Implied Study, 10-15 Minutes Per Night  **Study Guide Is Updated**         Check G-Classroom for today’s activities

Thurs: Finish Rock Cycle Lab Questions on the back of the Handout (Check G-Classroom for pics of lab results)

Wed: Rock Cycle Webquest Due Tomorrow

        Checkpoint scores are posted--Study Group Retest/Reteach tomorrow morning @7:45

Tues - Study for IHWCP 4

        Finish Rock Cycle Webquest by THURSDAY (not tomorrow)

Mon - Review CER Resources (on Google Classroom), Implied Study for IHWCP 4

Week of September 10-14        

Fri - Finish 3.1 Making Sense Questions and Post a Picture of your group’s Plate Models on Google Classroom

Thurs - Check on Hurricane Florence for a few minutes (weather app, online, tv, etc.)

Click Here to Watch the “Force 5” Video from class today

Wed - Finish Summary Questions from Obscertainer Activity (Click Here for Handout)

Tues - Implied Study (Definitely review Lesson 2 on the Study Guide)

Mon - Implied Study, Prepare for IHWCP on Wed, Lamb’s Farm Day of Service TOMORROW

Week of September 3-7

Fri - Finish Pangaea Map Activity (tape/glue, coloring is optional)

Thurs - Implied Study

Wed - Implied Study        Check your IHWCP 2 Score        If you are not happy with your score, come to study group tomorrow

Tues - Implied Study, IHWCP #2 Tomorrow (Use the online study guide--we have covered all of Lesson 1)

Mon - No School

Week of August 27 - 31        Picture Day - Thursday 8/30        IHW Checkpoint 2 - Next Wednesday

Fri - Implied Study -- Enjoy the long weekend, No School Monday

Thurs - Implied Study

Wed - Reading 1.2

        Picture Day Tomorrow--Bring Envelope

Tues - Implied Study (Bookmark the IQWST Link and ES3 Study Guide Link)

Mon - Finish Student Inventory (Submit through Google Classroom)

        Implied Homework (IHW) Checkpoint Tomorrow (2 questions: lab safety and unit conversion)

Week of August 20 - 24        Picture Day - Next Thursday 8/30

Fri - Implied Study (Homework Checkpoint next Tuesday)

        Have a great weekend!

Thurs - Implied Study: Review Safety Rules

          Remind Parents about Curriculum Night Tonight, 6:30-8:00 PM, Patt Gym first, then JH Cafeteria

Wed - Student/Parent Signature on Lab Safety Contract Collected By Tomorrow

        Bookmark the 8th Grade HW Blog

Tues - No School
Mon - No School