Mrs. Edelson - 8th Grade Science

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Next Assessment: Learning Set 3 (Lessons 1-8)   Monday, October 30

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Week of October 16 - 20

Fri: Today we worked in small groups to practice CER explanations, Lesson 8, Activity 8.1

        HW - IQWST Reading 8.1 & Questions

Thurs: Today we added more details to our plate tectonics map (hotspots, plate interactions, and direction of movement)

        You can use this map as a reference (scroll down).                 HW - Implied Study

Wed: Today we added notes about plate movement in Lesson 7 Activity 7.1 (Here are the notes from each period).

        We labeled the direction of plate movement on a simplified plate tectonics map.

        HW - Implied Study                Keep testing your skills with the Dynamic Earth questions

Tues: Today, in place of IQWST Lesson 7, we did a Webquest about the Dynamic Earth. Go to GOOGLE CLASSROOM for all links.

        HW - Finish Webquest Packet

Mon: Today we took the Learning Set 2 Assessment. No Homework.

Week of October 9-13                

Learning Set 2 Assessment POSTPONED UNTIL MONDAY (Lessons 1-6 Plus Rock Cycle)

Fri: HW - Study and Prepare for the Assessment on Monday

        Today we discussed Hotspots again and looked at this map to explain how the Hawaiian Islands formed.

        Then we discussed Reading 6.2. Finally, I went over what to expect on the assessment (ask a classmate if you were gone).

        Here’s a short video about what could happen if Yellowstone erupted

        This one is just for fun - I Lava You

Thurs: HW - Reading 6.2 and Questions, Implied Study--Make sure you look over the ES3 Study Guide

Today we went over answers to Activity 6.1, then we did most of Activity 6.2. Here is the hotspot video. (Watch until 1:20)

6.1 and 6.2 Answer Key

Just for fun: Search for “lavapix” on YouTube
Wed: HW - Implied Study (Check out the Study Guide Google Presentation - Link is in Google Classroom)

        Today we did lab activity 6.1 plus all questions. If you were absent, check out the video HERE.

Tues: HW - Implied Study

        Today we added Scientific Principles (through #5) and went over Activity 5.2, prepared for Activity 6.1

Mon: No School

Week of October 2-6                No School Friday 10/6 (Teacher Institute)         No School Monday 10/9 (Columbus Day)

Thurs: Enjoy the four day weekend!!!

        Today we discussed Reading 5.1 and did Activity 5.2 together.

Wed: 5.1 Reading, answer all questions as you read

        Today we went over Activity 5.1 and answered all of the questions. You can view the Volcano Video HERE

Tues: HW - Check Google Classroom - Follow the Link to Read the Article “How Earth’s Surface Morphs” then answer 3 Questions

        Today we explored the video links that classmates posted on Google Classroom. Then we started Activity 5.1.

        You should answer all Prior Knowledge Q’s and Making Sense Q’s for EARTHQUAKES (Stop when you get to Volcanoes).

Mon: HW - Search for a great video about Ocean Seafloor Spreading and post the link with your comments on Google Classroom

        Today we summarized the results of the Silly Putty Lab and discussed the 4.2 Reading about Metamorphic Rocks

Week of September 25 - 29

Fri: HW - Finish Activity 4.2 (Questions 9-11 and Making Sense 1-3) AND Reading 4.2 (three questions)

Today we carried out the Silly Putty Experiments that students designed.

Thurs: Submit your Silly Putty Experiment Proposal as soon as possible (one per lab group).

        Today we did a Rock Identification Lab. Submit your lab on Google Classroom. (You cannot make up this lab from home.)

Wed: HW - Work on your Silly Putty experiment proposal (Google Classroom). You only need to submit one per lab group. You will

have time to work on it in class tomorrow. The proposal needs to be submitted within the first 10 minutes of class on FRIDAY.

        Today we discussed Activity 4.1 and started Activity 4.2

Tues: HW - Finish 4.1 Observations and Making Sense Questions for Both Demonstrations

        Watch the videos here: Demo 1        Demo 2

Mon: HW - Implied Study

Today we went over the answers to the Rock Cycle Lab. Then we watched 2 BrainPop Videos and did the quizzes together.

        Please watch “Rock Cycle” and “Hurricanes”

        Finally, I handed back the quizzes and went over the correct answers

Week of September 18 - 22

Fri: Today we went over last night’s Ride the Rock Cycle HW (Answer Key Scroll down for answers).

Then we did a Rock Cycle Lab using crayons to model the process

        HW - Finish the Rock Cycle Lab questions on the back of the handout (Click this link for a copy of the lab handout)

        Click here to watch a video of the Rock Cycle Crayon Lab in case you were absent

(EXCEPT 1st PERIOD - We’ll redo the lab on Monday)

Thurs: Today we took a quiz over ES3 Lessons 1-3. After the quiz we started “Ride the Rock Cycle” web quest (click for handout)

        HW - Finish the Rock Cycle web quest

Wed: Today we analyzed the models of Earth’s Plates (completed making sense questions in Activity 3.1)

        HW - Study and Prepare for Quiz Tomorrow.  Quizlet questions from class will posted in Google Classroom after 9th.

Tues: Today we did Activity 3.1, Models of Earth’s Plates. Tomorrow we will analyze the models.

        HW - Implied Study for Quiz Thursday (short answer and multiple choice)

Mon: Today we did Activity 2.2 (larger versions of the pictures are available in the “Images” section)

        We also added Scientific Principle #2. The study guide slides have been updated.

HW - Implied Study

Week of September 11 - 15

Fri: Implied Study

Thurs: Implied Study

Wed: Today we heard about the ALICE Program from Mr. Mehnert

        HW-Same as last night. Turn in Pangaea Map and Submit Lab Analysis Questions on G.C.

Tues: Today we continued to work on the Pangaea Lab Activity

        HW-Complete Pangaea Map and Lab Analysis Questions (Due Thursday through Google Classroom)

Mon: Implied Study

Week of September 4 - 8        Don’t forget about our Day of Service at Lamb’s Farm on Monday!!!

Fri: Implied Study

Thurs: Implied Study  (Today we did activity 2.1 Part 1B)

Wed: Today we presented Wegener’s Phenomena (Presentations are in Google Classroom)

        HW - Reading 2.1 and answer questions

Tues: Today we worked on Lesson 2 (Part 1 A) Jigsaw Activity

HW - Be ready to present your phenomena tomorrow (Articles are available in Google Classroom)

Mon: No School

Week of August 28 - September 1

Fri: No Homework--Enjoy the long weekend. Spend time with family. Play a game together. Spread love and kindness :)

Today we discussed the Reading 1.2 Questions and did Activity 1.3 (Use the Image: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Elevation map for the first procedure and making sense. Then look at the Image: Earth’s Plates for second procedure and conclusion.)

Thurs: Today we finished ES Activity 1.2 and started Reading 1.2

        Finish Reading 1.2 and Questions by tomorrow        

Wed: No Homework

        Today we logged into IQWST. Your username is (18edelsona) and your password is the (4 numbers) at the end of OakGrove.

        We completed ES 1.1 and started ES 1.2

Tues: No Homework - Picture Day Tomorrow

Mon: Study and Prepare for Quiz Tomorrow (Make sure you check GC)

        Signed Safety Contract is due by tomorrow for full credit

Week of August 21-25

Fri: Read Science Safety Contract → Parent and Student Signature Required  (Due By Tuesday)

Thurs: Sponge Bob Lab Safety Review - Submit Through Google Classroom

Wed: Implied Study

Tues: Make sure you observed 5 different Obscertainers. Bring back your handout tomorrow.

Mon: None - Look up pics/videos of the total solar eclipse if you have time

Week of August 14 - 18

Fri - Periods 1-5, Be ready to practice your lesson with the class on Monday

        Periods 7-9, Be ready to present during study hall on Monday

Thurs - Work on Solar Eclipse 3rd Grade Lesson Presentation (you have all day in class tomorrow to work as well)

Wed - Welcome! Get organized!

Tues - No School

Mon - No School