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Elle Casey's Printable Book List (by series)
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Elle Casey’s

Printable Book List (by series)

MacKenzie Family Series

Shine Not Burn (Book 1), also available in audiobook format

MacKenzie Fire (Book 2), also available in audiobook format

Rebel Wheels Series

Rebel (Book 1)

Hellion (Book 2)

Trouble (Book 3)

Love in New York Series

Lost and Found (Book 1)

Cabin Fever (Book 2)

Mister Fixit (Book 3)

Just One Night Serial Novel

Parts 1-6

Bourbon Street Boys Series (published by Montlake Romance)

Wrong Number, Right Guy (Book 1), also available in audiobook format

Wrong Place, Right Time (Book 2), also available in audiobook format

Wrong Question, Right Answer (Book 3), also available in audiobook format

Wrong Turn, Right Direction (Book 4), publishing 3/21/2017. Currently available on pre-order!


All the Glory: How Jason Bradley Went from Hero to Zero in Ten Seconds Flat

By Degrees

Desperate Measures

Don’t Make Me Beautiful

Mismatched (with Amanda McKeon)


Wrecked (Book 1), also available in audiobook format

Reckless (Book 2)

War of the Fae Series

The Changelings (Book 1) **Free ebook**

Call to Arms (Book 2)

Darkness and Light (Book 3)

New World Order (Book 4)

After the Fall (Book 5)

Between the Realms (Book 6)

Portal Guardians (Book 7)

Time Slipping (Book 8)

Dragon Riders (Book 9) **Coming soon**

Winged Warriors (Book 10)  **Coming soon**

Ten Things You Should Know About Dragons (Short story in The Dragon Chronicles Anthology)

Vampire Seasons Series

My Vampire Summer (Book 1)


Melancholia (Book 1)

Euphoria (Book 2)

Card Shark Series (with Jason Brant)

Aces High

King’s Ransom **Coming soon**

Drifters’ Alliance Series

Drifters’ Alliance, Book 1

Drifters’ Alliance, Book 2

Drifters’ Alliance, Book 3

Winner Takes All (Short story prequel in the Dark Beyond the Stars Anthology)

Apocalypsis Series

Kahayatle (Book 1) **Free ebook**

Warpaint (Book 2)

Exodus (Book 3)

Haven (Book 4)

Standalone Short Stories and Screenplays

Dreampath (The Telepath Chronicles Anthology)

Monkey Business (also available in paperback as part of the Blood Iris 2012 Anthology)

The Ivory Tower (Beyond the Stars: A Planet Too Far Anthology)

Pocket Full of Sunshine (screenplay and novella, coming soon)