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Healthy Lymph Flow Keeps Immunity Boosted

A healthy flow of our body’s lymphatic system is critical for optimal health.  Part of the body’s circulatory system, think of the vast and intricate system of fluids, nodes, glands, ducts and vessels as our waste disposal system.  It continuously cleans and removes waste from our body.

The lymph fluid in the body is like oil in a car.  It’s job, in part, s to remove bacteria, cellular debris, excess water, proteins and wastes from the tissues.  If the lymph fluid becomes dirty, it moves slowly, builds up sludge, impacts performance and can cause a host of problems.  A sluggish and inefficient lymphatic system degrades and impairs the immune system.  Swelling, inflammation, pain, fatigue, and a variety of illnesses are possible when your immune system is impaired.  Every part of the body is influenced by the lymphatic system, because no matter what the purpose of the cells, they all need to be nourished and cleansed.

Poor lymphatic flow can be caused by a variety of factors.  Most obvious are surgeries, physical trauma, Cancer therapies, swelling and edema.  However, the most common cause of an inefficient lymphatic system has to do with lifestyle choices.  We are a society “on the run”.  We don’t take time to take care of ourselves.  In reality, we take better care of our cars than we take care of ourselves.  As a result, we often don’t get enough sleep; we eat on the run and tend to eat convenience foods that are loaded with preservatives and chemicals that our bodies were never meant to process.  We don’t get enough exercise, and interestingly enough, lymphatic fluid needs muscle power and contraction to move it around the body so it can do its job.

Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. So, if you are suffering from low energy, fatigue, pain and inflammation or if you are susceptible to colds, viruses or the flu here are a few tips:

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