The Outsiders: Final Project

Directions: In lieu of a big final test, choose one of the following projects to complete based on the novel The Outsiders. Use the rubric to know what is expected of you from all of the projects.

How much or how little you put into it depends on YOU!

DUE DATE: Monday, November 7, 2016

Movie Casting

Based on character descriptions in the book, which “modern” characters (choose 6) would you cast for a remake of the movie? Be sure to explain your reasoning for each character & include a photo for each. Must be one paragraph per character.

Chapter 13

Write a thirteenth chapter to the novel from the point of view of a character other than Ponyboy (ie., Sodapop, Darry, Cherry, etc.). Be sure to follow correct paragraph format and your written work must be a minimum of two typed pages in length.

Illustrated Plot Timeline

Using the plot diagram that we created in class, create a quality “final copy” version. This must include a 1-2 sentence summary of each chapter, as well as a quality illustration (hand-drawn, with color) for each chapter.

CD Cover and Soundtrack

Select 4 songs that would represent four scenes from the novel The Outsiders. Design a CD cover for the four soundtracks that you have selected. The graphics on the CD cover must be hand drawn. On the inside “jacket” of the CD, explain why you think that it would accurately represent a specific scene from The Outsiders.

Song Analysis

Select a song (past or present) and provide an analysis that clearly discusses the entire song and shows how it relates to The Outsiders. Your analysis will include the lyrics to the song and a written description that indicates why the song chosen would accurately represent this novel. Be sure to provide details that specifically compare the song to the novel.

Comic Strip

Choose one important scene from The Outsiders. Using the template, create a comic strip detailing the scene. Be sure to add thought bubbles for characters’ thoughts and speech bubbles for dialogue between characters. Make sure that character illustrations match the descriptions of the characters in chapter 1, not from the movie.

Character Analysis

Draw a character web representing the interconnectedness of members of the greasers and Socs and the link from both sides to Cherry, Johnny, Two-Bit, Ponyboy, and Randy. Explain how the characters are linked to each other. (brothers, friends, etc.)

Movie vs. Book

Write a compare and contrast five paragraph essay relating the similarities and differences in the novel to the movie version. (introduction, 3 main points, conclusion) Choose the format: whole to whole, similarities vs. differences, or point by point.

Character Awards

Design an award for each main character (choose 6 characters). Write a 2-3 sentences explaining why each character qualified for that particular award. Include at least 2 pieces of textual evidence. For example: Rebel of the Year goes to Dally because...

Final Project Rubric

The Outsiders

Name ____________________________ Period  ½      ¾      6/7

DUE DATE: Monday, November 7, 2016


Areas that Need Work


Standards to Meet Expectations


Evidence of Exceeding Standards

Understanding of Novel:

Shows a clear understanding of the elements of the novel; got the details right


Supports ideas with specific examples and quotes when necessary

Grammar & Mechanics

Correct MUGS (Mechanics, Usage, Grammar, Spelling)

Creativity & Effort

Creativity and effort are evident in the project